German footwear brand Von Wellex invests 110 Cr. in new India facility; shifts entire base from China

German Footwear Brand Von Wellex Invests 110 Cr. In New India Facility - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of Von Wellx via Instagram

German footwear brand Von Wellx has announced the company is pushing an initial investment of 110 crores in a new manufacturing unit in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a top official of Iatric Industries Pvt Ltd revealed, according to media reports.

Von Wellx, Germany is owned by Casa Everz Gmbh that designs, and manufactures footwear upholding “the science of wellness.” The company’s China unit has a capacity to produce 3 million units manually, which will now move to India, in a new manufacturing facility with similar production capacity.

“Yes, after multiple rounds of discussions, Casa Everz Gmbh has decided to shift its entire production from China to India,” Iatric Industries Pvt Ltd’s Managing Director and CEO Ashish Jain told the Press Trust of India in an e-mail.

India is emerging as a global manufacturing hub with growing disinterest in China (Image courtesy of Von Wellx via Instagram)

Explaining the reason why Von Wellx chose India over China, Jain said: “since it believes that India is going to be the next manufacturing powerhouse of the world if it is well supported by business conducive government policies”.

Coming up in Agra, the entry of a noted German footwear brand in India affirms the nations’, as well as the Uttar Pradesh state government’s efforts to bring foreign investors. Von Wellx is partnering with Iatric Industries in India for setting up the plant.



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Indian government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recently urged the countrymen to go back to the concept of SWADESHI whereby India will focus on producing more India-made goods rather than relying on imported ones. With a gradually falling economy, the installation of the factory could mean new work opportunities and new relationships with global leaders.

Iatric Industries already has a 5-lakh pair capacity for Casa Everz Gmbh. The brand Von Wellx was made available in India in 2019.

Explaining the reasons for relocating the business from China to India, Jain said the footwear industry being ultimately labor and raw-material intensive, India has an edge in both the dynamics.

Von Wellx, Germany

The company sells healthy footwear using internationally patented ‘5 Zones technology’ that targets the sole using Reflexology — an alternative medical therapy involving pressure points in feet and hands — to stimulate a relaxing effect on the whole body.

Image courtesy of Von Wellx via Instagram

The company’s offering range from specialized footwear targeting health issues like a swollen foot, heel pain, pre-diabetes, and so on. The products are developed by orthopedic Dr. Walter Mauch.

(Cover image courtesy of Von Wellx via Instagram)