WATCH: Frogs change color to yellow to attract mate in Madhya Pradesh

WATCH: Frogs that change color to yellow to attract mate is going viral - We The World Magazine

Video footage showing bright yellow Indian bullfrogs hopping in a puddle on a rainy day has got Twitter’s attention after IFS officer Praveen Kaswan shared the same.

In the video, dozens of bright yellow frogs appear to hop around a puddle, and apparently enjoying rain. While frogs are known water babies, what is unmissable in this case is their bright colors.

Explaining the reason behind the beauty of the frogs, taken in Narsighpur of Madhya Pradesh, the IFS officer wrote these amphibians to change the color during monsoon to attract a mate. ‘Just look how they are enjoying rains,’ he wrote.

Take look a look at the amazing animals below:

Frogs change color to yellow to attract mate in Madhya Pradesh

Within hours of the video tweet, it has been watched over 50,000 times and shared nearly 1000 times on Twitter. People were inquisitive and one Twitter user asked if the frogs are poisonous. Replying, Kaswan wrote, “No. They are not. People eat them.”

The IFS officer even shared a close up of the beautiful frogs. They are yellow bodied and have bright blue air sacks on each side of their cheeks.

“They have no relation with #Covid19, locusts, etc. This behavior is just normal,” Kaswan clarified, “The only issue is whether so many males will get their ladies. The competition is real,” he added.

“Wow. They are so nice,” a user commented. “Sad that they are also killed for being yellow,” another user wrote. Another user went on to write these species have become invasive in Andamans and they need ‘a much better invasive species policy.’

The color issue

Animals often develop color for a variety of existential tactics, including surviving predators, camouflaging, and attracting mates. In terms of biology, flaunting too bright colors is called Aposematism which means the animal is advertising that is is a wrong idea to eat them to potential predators.

A variant of the highly poisonous poison dart frog (Image via Pikist) Frogs change color to yellow to attract mate in Madhya Pradesh

There are various forms of Aposematism including the stink of a skunk and the changing body color in sync with the immediate environment of a chameleon.

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