France issues republican ultimatum to Muslim leaders

France issues republican ultimatum to Muslim leaders - We The World News
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KOLKATA (India) — French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday issued what he calls a “charter of republican values” to Muslim leaders, as a part of a broader clampdown on radical Islam.

A time-frame of 15-days has been issued for the Muslim leaders in France, to accept the ultimatum which prohibits politicization and radicalization of Islam, among other aspects, the BBC reported.

The Draft is set for debate by the French cabinet on December 9th.

The ultimatum was handed to the nation’s largest Islam-governing body – the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) and the body has agreed to create a withdrawable National Council of Imams to issue Imams or religious orders.

France has the largest Muslim population in Europe.

The ultimatum comes weeks after at least two back-to-back terrorist attacks rocked France following a terrifying beheading of a French teacher Samuel Patty, who was slain because of showing a caricature of Prophet Mohammed in a class of freedom of expression.

The charter will nudge the nation’s Islamic leaders to ensure “the rejection of political Islam and any foreign interference” and “Islam as a political movement,” France’s Le Parisien newspaper said.

Background – Samuel Patty

President Emmanuel Macron, ahead of the series of Islamist attacks in France, said at a public address that he thinks Islam is a religion in ‘crisis’ and the community is in threat of forming a ‘counter society.’

His comments stirred the religious sentiments of Muslims all over the world. Following the controversial comments of Macron was the beheading of the French schoolteacher Samuel Patty by an 18-years-old Jihadist.

The fatal lynching of the school teacher went on to create a wave of discontent in France, with the nation having withstood similar terrorist attacks earlier.

Shortly following Samuel Patty’s murder, France responded strongly in retaliation to radical Islamism. The same cartoon of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed was fashed on a huge scale at government buildings in a Franch city.

From there began another flurry of wrath, this time from the Muslim community from across the world. Middle Eastern nations with Muslim majority populations began demanding boycotting French goods.

The wave of discontent on France had a rippling effect among Muslim-majority countries where tens of thousands in nations like Pakistan and Bangladesh rallied against France, flouting social distancing.

At one point in time, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan himself invoked the Muslim community to rally against France for showing Prophet Mohammed’s cartoon which acted as a catalyst to the anti-France rhetoric.

How does the new charter apply?

The French Ultimatum served to the nation’s Islamic community is accompanied by a sweeping bill that will crack down on what the French President has termed as ‘Islamist Separatism.”

It includes powerful measures that will have rippling effects in the practises of Islamism in France.

Homeschooling of Muslim children will be restricted, and harassing public officials on religious grounds will invite severe punishments, the report says.

The French ideal of freedom of expression (laïcité) is deeply intertwined with the national identity and state secularism. The national constitution does not favor one religion over another or the republican values in this case.

Children will be issued a special ID by France that the government will use to track the schooling activities of the children. If parents don’t comply, they face huge fines and up to six months in prison.

The bill will also include provisions to severely punish those who share location information of a person, that is known will lead to harm or lynching.

In the case of Samuel Patty, the teenager Jihadist who killed him approached two students Patty and reportedly paid them a few hundred dollars to get his address and finally kill him.

Before Samuel Patty beheading

A series of emails revealed by the French newspaper Le Monde shows Samuel Patty was discussing the controversy of the image he showed during the class with a colleague before he was killed.

“It’s really distressing and particularly as it comes from a family whose child wasn’t in my lesson and isn’t someone I know,” Paty wrote. “It’s becoming a malicious rumor.”

In a separate email, Patty wrote he would stop discussing freedom of expression and choose some other freedom synonymous with France to discuss in the class.

Depicting Islam’s prophet Mohammed in images is forbidden in Islam and is seen as blasphemy.

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