France calls out to Muslim countries after wave of boycott France products began

France calls out to Muslim countries after wave of boycott France products begin - We The World
Image courtesy of @BGarattini via Twitter

The French ministry of foreign affairs has called out to the Muslim nations in the world on Sunday, to not boycott France products as a wave of boycott calls are echoing across Muslim countries in retaliation to the recent chain of events.

On Saturday, France projected huge caricatures of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed in government buildings in protest to history teacher Samuel Patty who was beheaded by a Jihadist attack for showing the same cartoons of the Prophet during a class.

Explicit visualization of Prophet Mohammed is forbidden in Islam, and is a blasphemy.

However, the French government has made it clear that it will not give in to the radical Islamic ideals, and will “not accept hate speech and defend reasonable debate,” President Macron wrote in a tweet on Sunday.

Several Middle Eastern countries have enacted ban notably on French food products, and some nations are mulling demonstrations against the country for making cartoons of their Prophet.

“These calls for boycott are baseless and should stop immediately, as well as all attacks against our country, which are being pushed by a radical minority,” the French foreign affairs statement said.

As per France 24, the calls to boycott France products have crossed the borders of the Arab world. Kuwait,s non-governmental union has already pulled French food products from the market.

Social media images show labels tagged on French products in supermarkets, saying “for the Messenger of Allah,” signaling people from not buying those products. Footages also show volunteers clearing shelves of Franch products in Kuwaiti supermarkets.

A Reuters eye-witness found several co-ops in Kuwait has cleared shelves of French cosmetic products.

The Union leader told Reuters news agency that the move was taken independently of the Kuwait government in response to ‘repeated insults’ on the Prophet.

#BoycottFranceProducts was trending number one in many countries of the Arab world as Unions and individual people call to make France pay for the ‘blasphemy.’

Twitter tweets show some people are already seeing the statement from the French foreign ministry as a working strategy.

Pak PM Khan writes to Facebook CEO for ‘growing Islamophobia’

In a recent letter from the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, he called on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to take action to curb the ‘encouraging’ of Islamophobia, just like the social media banned posting Holocaust posts.

Taking a dig at France’s ban on the full-face covering of women in public, Khan said: “Unfortunately, in some states, Muslims are being denied their citizenship rights and their democratic personal choices from dress to worship.”

Pointing to India, he said: “In India, anti-Muslim laws and measures such as CAA and NRC as well as targeted killings of Muslims and blaming Muslims for coronavirus are reflections of the abominable phenomena of Islamophobia.

How will the French distinguish between the radical extremist Muslim citizens and mainstream Muslim citizens of Islam? We have seen how marginalization inevitably leads to extremism — something the world does not need,” Khan wrote in the letter seen by We The World.

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