Fox with impressive fancy for slippers caught stealing them in hundreds in Berlin

Fox with an impressive fancy for shoes caught stealing them in Berlin - We The World Magazine

A fox was found with an impressive collection of flip flops after many residents at a suburb of Berlin found their shoes being stolen.

The incident came to light after a man finally spotted the fox entering a wasteland “in flagrante, carrying two blue flip flops in its mouth”, local media reported.

He lost one shoe which he suspected a culprit but did not conclude until he had concrete evidence. “There was no bite for a while,” the local media report reads in English translation, “then suddenly he managed to hit the culprit in action. Who proved to be a handsome, albeit slightly anorexic fox.”

Shortly after, other residents in the locality of Zehlendorf were complaining of missing pairs of shoes. People thought a thief was stealing their footwear.

Finally, the man spotted it had also hoarded over a hundred pairs of shoes in its shelter, most of them Crocs-type slip-in shoes.

People are still wondering how the little fox managed to so neatly collect the slippers.

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