Four-years-old poet, Nadim from the UK, awaits the publication of his book of poetry


A 4-years-old boy from the UK has landed on a book deal and the kid is awaiting his release this Summer. Ask what? The child writes verse exploring love and life; one even delves in the universal language of love that does not discriminate good or bad, in the poem ‘Baddies.’

Just so you know, John Keats’s first work was published when he was 21; Wordsworth’s first work was published when he was 23.

For instance, in the poem ‘Love’ Nadim-Shamma-Sourgen, 4, deals with the universal existence of love, that transcends the boundaries of existence and flows unequivocally through different planes of life, including winds, sea, and even letters and spirits.

“Everyone has to love someone/ Flamingoes love someone/ The wind loves someone/ The sea loves someone/ …Everything you ever know loves someone,” the child write in the poetry titled “Love”

Similarly, in the poem “Baddies” the poet explores the veiled hearts of villains: “Baddies love their baddie friends / Even very baddie ones / Policemen might arrest them / But they’ll still have their love”.

Four-years-old poet, Nadim from the UK, awaits the publication of his book of poetry

Son of a lecturer in literature at the University of Reading, Nadim’s works like these were uploaded on social media. All his strikingly deeps poetries for a child, like ‘Baddies,’ ‘Love’ are signed off with the word ‘Nadim (4)’ and understandably, the child has now been interviewed by some top media houses including Sky News and Sunday Times.

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The child’s mum told in her interview with Sky News, Nadim, who is now nicknamed ‘four-years-old-poet’ is still learning to read and write. He dictates his poems to mum who jots them down.

While on his interview with Sky News, his mother could be seen urging him not to put his fingers in the nose while on live. Nadim’s mum was discovered by a poet and teacher Kate Clanchy, who also happens to be this year’s Orwell prize winner.

The child’s works will be published by Walker Books UK, which will be released this summer as a collection of poetry, Walker executive Denise Johnstone-Burt told the Guardian. She said she was “astonished that anyone so young could write such sensitive verse”.

“The poems talk about such important feelings, like love and loneliness, and Nadim finds the perfect words,” she said. “They are simple, inspirational, and have a wisdom all of their own”.

Image credit: Picador via / Four-years-old poet, Nadim from the UK, awaits the publication of his book of poetry

Speaking about the gem of a child Kate Clanchy found, she said: “Nadim has the very rare ability to articulate in images what it is to be a four-year-old,” adding “the individual poems moved thousands on Twitter, but they work even better as a group because they create a whole world full of glitter and hugs.”

Nadim’s works being published in a book puts him in the convoy of those rare kids who have shown terrific intellectual abilities in the past. According to Guinness World Records, Dorothy Straight, 4, is the youngest female published author, but by the time her work ‘How the World Began’ was published she was four; the youngest male published author was Sri Lankan Thanuwana Serasinghe, four years and 356 days old when he published ‘Junk Food.’

“When my poems are in a book, can I please have a copy?” a moderately excited nadim asked his publisher Walker, who promised him he would indeed have a copy.

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