Hindustan Unilever’s ‘Fair & Lovely’ is now ‘Glow & Lovely’

Hindustan Unilever's Fair & Lovely is now Glow & Lovely - We The World Magazne

Hindustan Unilever’s (HUL) uber-famous skin-lightening skin cream ‘Fair & Lovely’ will be rebranded as ‘Glow & Lovely,’ the Indian arm of Unilever told on Thursday, according to Reuters.

On June 25th, HUL released a circular announcing they will replace the word ‘fair’ from the face cream that was heavily marketed to enhance skin fairness. However, over the last few years, the market focused more on skin brightness which the company says is a more inclusive term.

HUL’s announcement comes in less than a week after they said: “We now announce that we will remove the word fair from our brand name Fair & Lovely.” Reuter noted other brands like Lipton and Dove too recently announced they’ll drop stereotypical beauty terms like “white,” “fairness,” “whitening” from their marketing jargon.

HUL confirmed, the skin cream for men that until now sold under the branding Fair & Handsome will be renamed Glow and Handsome. The George Floyd death in America invoked full-fledged global protest against racism of any kind, that blew up in the face of commercial marketing as well.

HUL, in this move, is allied by other big players in the market like Johnson & Johnson which recently announced they’ll stop selling fairness creams in India and the Middle East altogether. Makers of another India’s very popular fairness creams Garnier told that they’ll gradually adopt inclusive terms like “glow,” and “even,” for applicable products.

Garnier and Fair & Lovely are among India’s top-selling skin creams that have promoted skin-whitening effects on consumers through graphics, and narrative. These brands were endorsed by a-lister Bollywood celebs. Until recently, the status-quo of these products was challenged, and hence the moves, one-after-the-other.

Meanwhile in reaction: Bad English?

Meanwhile, in reactions, journalist and poet Madhavan Narayan pointed out that it is an instance of bad English by HUL as the word ‘glow’ is a noun and ‘lovely’ an adjective. “#HUL has replaced an adjective (Fair) with a noun. What a shame! Evidently done by some who appear to have no skin in the game,” he wrote.

The company told media in a statement that the new products will hit the shelves in a few months.

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