Facebook, Twitter grapples false Donald Trump tweets declaring victory

Facebook, Twitter grapples false Donald Trump tweets declaring victory - We The World
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Two of the world’s biggest social media giants, Facebook and Twitter are apparently struggling to contain a deluge of inauthentic claims made by President Donald Trump, as the US faces an erratic and historic presidential election.

Several times on Wednesday and a few times already throughout Thursday President Trump has asserted victory in some key states that when votes are being still counted.

Trump has long sought to dispute elections if he does not win and has, since the votes closed on Tuesday, made several attempts to assert illegitimacy of the counting process, multiple media reports confirm.

On Wednesday, Twitter flagged false Donald Trump tweets hurling unsupported claims of election fraud on the opponent and declaring premature victory, for the sixth time.

Twitter kept tagging false Donald Trump tweets with a warning and in other cases, the social media giant also tagged some other Republican tweets including son Eric Trump, and White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

At least three of false Donald Trump tweets from Wednesday were fully hidden with a message that the information claimed in these tweets may be disputed or misleading. But users could open the same as well.

Facebook also flagged Trump’s tweet’s from Wednesday claiming victory in key states like Pennsylvania among others, where no major news organization made any announcement on the same.

“We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election,” Trump wrote before announcing the premature victory of the presidential election on Wednesday.

His tweet was slammed with a fact-check message in just minutes saying it is disputed and misleading and Twitter also prevented users from interacting with the tweet.

Several of Trump’s Tweets from ednesday were flagged by twitter for containing ‘disputed’ and ‘misleading claims (Image via Donald Trump/ Twitter)

But the same message reverberated via more than 750 Twitter accounts, who all parroted “Everyone must tweet what @realDonaldTrump did before getting suppressed by Twitter.”

The 750 accounts collectively had 1.5 million followers, the New York Times reported, and tweeted Trump’s message in over 1k tweets that collectively garnered 9k retweets and quote tweets in 7.5-hours on Wednesday morning.

Many misinformation experts say even a few minutes can verbatim misinformation before being addressed and reportedly called for different policies because it is a ‘democratic emergency.’

On Tuesday, Trump declared he was the winner of the day, even though votes were being counted in key states.

Politico news website noted the intense scrutiny facing Facebook and Twitter shows the power and influence these social media organizations to wield on people as an indispensable source of information and elections.

“They are being squeezed by partisan fighting over the limits of online speech while having their delicately crafted policies against misinformation put to unprecedented tests by the world’s most powerful political leader,” Politico’s Steven Overly writes.

The fight against misinformation undertaken by the two social media giants also highlights the difference in their content policies, which the 2020 US Elections is testing rigorously.

Twitter, Facebook are usually governed by content moderation policies created in-house, which in recent times have become more divisive.

Facebook said Wednesday that it has expanded its policies of content regarding the US election.

Citing Trump’s case, a Facebook spokesperson said, as soon as President Trump started making premature victory claims notifications were run across Instagram and Facebook saying votes were still being counted and a winner is not projected, which was labeled to both the candidate’s tweets.

On paper Democrat, Joe Biden is on the upper side of taking the White House with more votes by number than Donald Trump. Donald Trump retaliated by filing a lawsuit alleging dispute in the vote counts, without providing evidence.

Reuters news agency noted the lawsuit will, for days, if not for weeks, further screech the days of uncertainty on this erratic and historic presidential election in the world’s superpower.

Several voting stations across the US were battered with a threat of violence and officers banned some people from entering vote-counting facility over claims that votes were not being counted fairly.

Trump supporters, some armed with weapons, stormed a vote-counting facility in Phoenix, Arizona, on Wednesday, over unsubstantiated roumors of of bothced vote counting.

The election unfolds a very chaotic scene in the US political landscape as a historic number of people turn out to determine the fate of the world’s superpower.

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