How restaurants around the world are going out of the way to maintain social distancing

How Restaurants Around The World Are Going Out Of The Way To Maintain Social Distancing - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of The Inn at Little Washington via Instagram

There’s one thing global health experts are vouching by — social distancing. Of all the measures, the most effective way to veer off the novel coronavirus is keeping a minimum 6-feet distance from each other. But this has its challenges when it comes to by-nature-congested locations like eateries.

Most eateries with high footfall are having to empty their middle seats in order to serve guests with adequate safety. They’re running at half their original capacity. And this is the scene around the world. Be it a Michelin Starred restaurant in the US or Japan’s eatery inside a famous zoo.

While most restaurants will blatantly go for an empty seat, which is okay, some creative ones took the game to cuter and creative heights by placing adorable soft toys and even by putting exquisite Mannequins. Have a look:

Izu Shabonten Zoo, Japan

The Zoo was closed temporarily for the spread of COVID-19 in Japan. However, it started to operate restrictively from May 16th. In a measure to maintain the social distancing protocols, they’ve placed adorable capybaras and red pandas on some seats of the zoo’s eatery called “GIBBONTEI,” to encourage social distancing between visitors.

Image courtesy of @Jess_Keating via Twitter

Placing the adorable capybaras is one of the ways the eatery is ensuring safety to its visitors at the same time ensuring eating food is not lonely. This particular Japanese zoo is famous for its adoration for these giant Native American rodents.

The zoo offers many capybara themed programs and souvenirs. All the more, these giant rodents have a hot pool for themselves in the zoo. The zoo on their website explains in 1982 while a keeper was cleaning the zoo’s exhibition space with hot water, he noticed a few capybaras huddled on a warm water puddle. Since then a hot pool was made and it has become the holy grail for these adorable rodents in winter.

Maison Saigon, Thailand

Just like Capybaras, the Maison Saigon — a Vietnamese restaurant in Thailand is employing cuddly giant pandas in some seats to ensure social distancing. Plus you can’t disregard the silent company of these pandas, at all. When your human companion can’t take the seat beside you, they’re there already.

Image courtesy of Maison Saigon via @goldiesaurin from Twitter

According to reports, the owner of this restaurant Natthwut Rodchanapanthkul came up with the idea to put plush pandas in the restaurant after he felt it might be awkward to eat alone in the wake of new social distancing rules.

Thailand’s Bar B-Q Plaza

Bar B-Q Plaza is a popular eatery chain in Thailand, and like other high foot-traffic locations they too have amped up their social distancing measures. This restaurant inside Thailand’s IconSiam luxury shopping mall has got its own brand mascot- a green dinosaur, cut-out from cardboard placed on each table, blocking two people’s seats.

Image courtesy of @ajitsingh777 via Twitter

You can see in the image above, only one person is allowed to seat on the four-seater tables inside the eatery. The staff is also wearing a plastic shield on the eyes, hand gloves, and masks as a part of hygiene protocol.

The Inn at Little Washington

The spooky glimpse put on a show is by Virginia based fine-dining restaurant called The Inn at Little Washington. Like their upscale antics, the restaurant has gone an extra length to ensure the social-distancing mannequins look extra graceful. They’ve been dressed in 1940s glamourous outfits. Chef and owner Patrick O’Connell came with this dramatic idea to make social distancing as less boring as possible.

He says his static guests will make the ambiance full since they have been made to look like as if they’re carrying out their distinct narrative to each other, Reuters reports.

Image courtesy of The Inn at Little Washington via Instagram

Located 90-mins from Washington DC, this three Michelin Starred restaurant offers not only a highly feastful experience but also entices guests with its charming 24-acre property donned with perfectly manicured gardens, flowers, trees clad in fairy lights and all that you can expect from a high-profile restaurant.

Here are some other extremely creative social distancing measures taken by restaurants around the world.

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So this was our roundup of the world’s most creative and cute ways of social distancing in eateries. Which one was your favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

(Cover image courtesy of The Inn at Little Washington via Instagram)