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Barbaric conditions force pigs to resort to cannibalism in UK farm, expose video reveals


This post contains a graphic description of appalling conditions pigs are kept in ‘high-welfare’ factory farms in the UK. The reader’s/ viewer’s discretion is advised.

Tractor ‘appalled’ by barbaric conditions exposed in Viva!’s latest undercover investigation into British pig farming. The disturbing footage highlights a clear lack of care for severely sick and dying animals, housed in squalid conditions that pose a serious public health risk
(Image and description text courtesy of Viva! .Org)

Shocking undercover footages unveiled by vegan charity Viva! shows a ‘high welfare’ pig farm in Britain engaging in dilapidating practices with live pigs before brutally slaughtering them.

As if hell unfolded in the video that was obtained by implanting hidden cameras across the 8000- pig facility in Uk. Sick and tumored pigs, dead bodies, rotting flesh, bloodstains, and an unmissable air of cruelty can be felt straight through the display wherever the video is played.

The Flat House farm in Leicestershire that bears the red tractor logo has been apparently misleading consumers with a facade of being a ‘high welfare’ facility where the product is traceable and safe, and a farm that cares for its livestock.

Undercover footages revealed by vegan charity Viva! shows barbaric conditions inside the farm where welfare is the last thing that can be seen.

Barbaric conditions force pigs to resort to cannibalism in UK farm, expose video reveals (Image courtesy of Viva!)

The footage reveals sickening conditions of the pigs on the farm, before they were finally killed brutally between March and July this year, Daily Mail reports in an exclusive article.

The farm bore the red tractor logo until Viva! The Vegan Charity passed on the footage to RedTractor and following a subsequent investigation the farm was struck off the register.

Uncover footage shows pigs and sows writhing in pain as dead animals line the floors beneath, forcing some seriously dilapidated pigs to eat the rotting remains.

Small piglets within a few hours after birth can be seen routinely taken to chop off their tails and chip out their teeth without any precaution and anesthesia as if handling a pet bottle of water, the footage reveals.

Feral cats claw on the weak and underdeveloped piglets, licking in the afterbirth remains while some can be seen feasting on the dead and rotting piglets, leaving the half-eaten carcass nearby.

Numerous disease causing protrusions and lesions were spotted on the pigs at Flat House farm (Image courtesy of Viva!)

Mother pigs, shortly after giving birth lie in constricted cages, having barely a few centimeters on each side, with lines of piglets latched and feeding.

Campaigners say, pointing to the visibly sick and dilapidated pigs, that not only are the scenes extremely distressing from the point of view of welfare, but the sick animals pose an imminent threat to human health and become breeding grounds of diseases.

‘We are appalled by the images in the footage, protecting animal health and welfare is one of our top priorities,’ Red Tractor organization told Daily Mail.

Barbaric conditions force pigs to resort to cannibalism in UK farm, expose video reveals (Image courtesy of

‘Last month we immediately launched an investigation and the farm’s membership of the scheme has since been terminated.’ 

Furthermore, Viva! the investigation also found appalling conditions of pigs with a range of ailments including bleeding hernias, prolapses, deformed trotters, rectal strictures, and pot bellies.

This is not the first time diseases were noted on farmed animals. Some of the pigs in the Falt House undercover video showed grotesque bites inflicted by other pigs as a result of being driven insane from the appalling environment.

One particular case showed a pig starving to death with no access to food and water, which Viva! says is a clear violation of the British government that says: “Drinking water must be continuously available along with feeding facilities which can easily be accessed by all pigs.”

Despite the clear and evident video showing undiluted conditions of the farm, the facility has nonetheless declined responsibility.

A farm source told the Viva! the footage was manipulated. ‘We have done nothing wrong. The RSPCA were happy with their spot check and that there was no case to answer upon completion of their inspection,’ owner Elvidge Farms Ltd, said.

“Our team witnessed appalling conditions, documenting the systematic abuse of farmed pigs, whose short lives are filled with nothing but misery and pain,” Viva!’s Juliet Gellatley said.

“Not only do factory farms raise serious welfare concerns, but they also create an ideal environment for mutating viruses and antibiotic-resistant superbugs.


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