Bugs Bunny hunter Elmer Fudd stripped off his gun in new Looney Tunes

Bugs Bunny Hunter Elmer Fudd Stripped Off His Gun In New Looney Tunes - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of @IGN via Twitter

“Shhh. Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits.”

Famous rabbit hunter of Looney Tunes Elmer Fudd, whose relentless pursuit to grab a bunny has been continuing for decades will lose his gun for the first time in the new Looney Tunes cartoon coming on HBO Max.

Warner Bros is reportedly snatching the infamous rifle from the iconic ill-tempered characters (including the rowdy Yosemite Sam) is an approach to remake the word-famous cartoon for the modern audience. The reboot that is available for streaming to the US audience via HBO Max is called “The Looney Tunes Cartoon.”


Speaking to The New York Times, executive producer of the new version Peter Browngardt said “We’re not doing guns,” but he assured, Elmer Fudd’s chase for carrot chomping Bugs who always says “What’s up doc?” will continue with a scythe instead. Other means of cartoony violence will continue to remain like the Acme stuff and TNT.


The decision is apparently taken in the wake of violence-related mayhems in the real world. “Some of them have maybe gone a little too far, so they might come out in a different format,” Browngardt told the outlet.

Elmer Fudd’s character in Looney Tunes is mostly cartooney violence, where he is on a hunt for “wabbits” and Bugs Bunny, with sharp wit, always gets away. However, rifle or no rifle, this time Elmer has got a serious-looking scythe to keep the mayhem with bunny going.


“We’re going through this wave of anti-bullying, everybody needs to be friends, everybody needs to get along,” the executive producer said. “It’s two characters in conflict, sometimes getting pretty violent.”

(Cover image courtesy of @IGN via Twitter)