Furry Instagram dog hosts virtual trip to Switzerland for his followers

Furry Instagram Dog Hosts Virtual Trip To Switzerland For His Followers - We The World Magazine

A white Swiss Shepard entices his currently 208k Instagram followers by hosting them to a breathtaking virtual trip to Switzerland while taking along his pro photographer mum for hikes every day.

(Furry Instagram Dog Hosts Virtual Trip To Switzerland For His Followers)

Rasta and his owner Sylvia Michel reportedly hike several hours a day through the Bernese Oberland area of Switzerland, and all they do to win the hearts of thousands is to be just themselves and click pictures.

Michel, who happens to be a professional photographer, captures Rasta as beautifully as it can be, as the dog- owner duo hikes through picturesque trails with the breathtaking Swiss backdrop.

(Rasta poses on a rock wall)

Lush green fields with flowers swaying, azure blue lakes, cloud-piercing mountains, they pass through tiny villages, and then the adorable white Swiss Shepard who makes everything even more beautiful, thanks to her pro mum. The latter exactly knows what to capture, when, and how.

Sylvia Michel told Insider that people are thankful to see something beautiful through them, as the world continues to stay in lockdown.

(Rasta enjoys his time out in the Swiss valley.)

Understandably, people who’re eager to see the world again find solace in Rasta and her mom’s journey through the lakes, waterfalls, and mountains.

And to do something that thousands are liking, all Michel does is to capture candid moments of Rasta as he roams in front of her. Sometimes wagging his fluffy tail, sometimes, posing on a rock, sometimes jumping and eating dandelions, and as adorable it can get.

“Nothing More Authentic Than A Dog”

“It goes right into your heart when you see Rasta, you have to laugh. It’s just, laughing is so, so important, especially in a crisis,” Rasta’s owner told Insider, adding, “I think there is nothing more authentic than a dog.”

(The picture above shows Rasta clicked while trying to eat a dandelion.)

The current crisis has changed nothing in Rasta’s life, but her mum says times have been challenging for her since most of her paid work is off.

White Swiss Shepherds like Rasta is one of the make by-breeds of German Shepherds. These gentle majestic dogs, unlike the german shepherds who can be aggressive and very outgoing. The kinds of Rasta tend to be softer and shy, according to Animal So.

What Followers Has To Say About Virtual Trip To Switzerland With Rasta?

Operating since 2014, Rasta’s Instagram account has steadily grown in the years in between. Currently, it has 208k followers. With the world under lockdown, people are enjoying these fantastic videos moe than ever.

“You live in the most beautiful place!”

– a follower comment reads.

How amazing it would feel to lay in that green grass and feel the sunshine,”

– someone else wrote. 

“Oh my gosh! This video and music is exactly what I need at the moment. I wish for Rasta and yourself— to receive back,ten-fold what you are giving we lucky viewers. Be safe. DeeXDee❤️❤️”

– the other user commented.

“How beautiful…your foto’s and video’s from Rasta makes me smile when i am feeling down.
Thank you so much❤️💙💚”

– a fan says in comments.

Cover Image Courtesy of Rasta White Shephard via Instagram

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