Dia Mirza lashes out at ‘frivolous’ reports claiming she takes drugs

Dia Mirza lashes out at 'frivolous' reports claiming she takes drugs - We The World
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Actor and UN Goodwill Ambassador Diya Mirza have lashed out on the recent media reports claiming that India’s apex drug bord NCB could soon summon her for illegal drug use.

The Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely ‘suicide’ took the industry by a spin, and the aftermath has taken countless unexpected turns, entwining one-after-the-other heavyweight Bollywood personalities in the case.

Media reports in India claimed Diya Mirza, actor, a producer who is known for the engagement with various UN programs is ‘under the radar’ of NCB or the Narcotics Control Beaurue for a possible probe over her alleged drug use.

One media report cited an unnamed source from the NCB claimed Diya’s manager supplied drug (cannabis) to the actor from a drug peddler on her request and the NCB has got tips on the details of Diya’s ‘drug purchase’ in 2019.

But Mirza has strongly criticized the claims and wrote in stern language about the ‘frivolous’ and ‘fake’ reports and said she’ll take to the law to withstand her claim. She Tweeted in parts:

“I would like to strongly refute and categorically deny this news as being false, baseless and with mala fide intentions.

“Such frivolous reporting has a direct impact on my reputation being besmirched and is causing damage to my career which I have painstakingly built with years of hard work.

“I have never procured or consumed any narcotics or contraband substances of any form in my life. I intend to pursue the full extent of legal remedies available to me as a law-abiding citizen of India. Thanks to my supporters for standing by me.”

Earlier today, one of Bollywood’s top female actors Deepika Padukone’s name surfaced up in the Sushant Singh Rajput’s case alleging she was procuring drugs for herself via a talent management agency worker.

Initially, Rajput’s case was ruled as a suicide by the Mumbai police. Padukone’s and another woman’s WhatsApp chat reportedly revealed the actor was procuring drugs.

But later the case became the center of national attention after the actor’s girlfriend was alleged for supplying Sushant with cannabis while he was reportedly suffering from depression.

Sushant Singh Rajput, who rose to fame in Bollywood from silver screen was found hanging on her apartment in July. The death made international headlines and have been on the prime time of Indian media since then.

The sudden demise of the actor created a rippling effect in Bollywood kickstarting a whole new anti-nepotism movement, since the actor’s death was being linked to depression from undercover boycott and lobbying from the industry heavyweights.

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