Just some visuals of the devastation super cyclone Amphan caused

Just Some Visuals Of The Devastation Super Cyclone Amphan Caused - We The World Magazine
Image credits unknown, via twitter

The Indian Meteorological Department on May 18th warned the status of the cyclone Amphan forming in the Bay of Bengal has become powerful enough to be called a super cyclone – the highest category of cyclones given by India.

After five days from the warning, the cyclone has gone, leaving behind a trail of an uprooted life, damaged properties, and whatnot. Ferocious winds touching 180 Kms wreaked havoc in West Bengal, Odhisa, and Bangladesh.

Here are some visuals of the devastation the storm has caused to the City of Joy.

Image credits @1010sandy via Twitter
Image credits @1010sandy via Twitter

Terrifyingly dark clouds meandering over Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Image courtesy of @roy_blogs via Twitter

Kolkata’s one-of-a-kind College street ravaged

Image courtesy of @Suparna73473783 via Twitter

The visuals from the aftermath of cyclone Amphan only reaffirm our tiny state at the cusp of nature’s fury. 

(Cover image courtesy of unknown via Twitter)