India’s first plasma bank for COVID-19 patients opens in Delhi after therapy shows promise

Delhi opens nation's 1st Plasma Bank for COVID-19 after plasma therapy showed promise - We The World Magazine

New Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Monday, what he claims to be the nation’s first plasma bank for coronavirus patients, after plasma therapy clinical trials showed promising results in a state-backed trial.

In a media briefing on Monday, the Delhi CM announced that the first-in-kind bank will be set up in the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences in Delhi.

Since there is no vaccine to treat coronavirus yet, doctors are using plasma therapy as an experimental treatment which is said to induce positive effects on patients severely ill from the virus. Moreover, the therapy has been found to prevent moderately ill patients from becoming severely ill.

According to medical sources, plasma therapy harnesses the antibodies present in the blood of recovered COVID-19 patients which is extracted and administrated into the bodies of suffering COVID patients. The antibody-induced plasma — the liquid part of the blood from a recovered patient — has been found to bear effective results in subduing severe symptoms, in the active patients.

Kejriwal in his media briefing while announcing the bank told that his state is the first in the nation to have conducted clinical trials to check the efficacy of plasma therapy. Twenty-nine people were tested and the results were “very good,” ANI reports.

“It was observed that if the plasma is given then it increases in the level of oxygen and respiration level also decreases,” Kejriwal explained, adding that the center has allowed the therapy to be administered in Delhi, both through public and private hospitals.

Speaking about who can get plasma and who can donate, he said doctor’s prescription will be essential to get the plasma and the CM has urged people who have recovered from COVID-19 to step forward and donate their plasma in the bank. The facility will be started within two days as per Monday’s announcement.

(Cover image courtesy of Arvind Kejriwal via Twitter)