Cyprus is covering holiday costs of COVID positive tourist and family

Cyprus Is Covering Holiday Costs Of Covid Positive Tourist And Family - We The World Magazine
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Cyprus has pledged to cover the holiday expenses of tourists and families who’ve contracted the virus after getting there, the government announced in a statement to the media.

The open letter was made available on Wednesday where the country states that tourists’ accommodation, food, and medicine will be covered along with family members, who have contacted the virus on the Mediterranian island.

The only condition: “…traveler will only need to bear the cost of their airport transfer and repatriation flight, in collaboration with their agent and/or airline,” the letter reads.

According to Google data, Cyprus has 942 positive cases of the novel coronavirus so far, and 17 deaths, a relatively small amount considering other Middle-eastern countries.

Photo by Igor Starkov on Unsplash

The country is all set to open its tourism in the coming month, with international air traffic entry set to let in from June 9th, according to media reports. Cyprus has also stated they’ve ensured a 100-bed hospital accessible to tourists who test positive for the virus there.

Tourism is an important driver of Cyprus-economy as it is a significant contributor to the nation’s GDP. The country is trying to lure back tourists as soon as possible with these measures.

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As tourism gradually reopens, the country is reportedly enacting certain measures to keep the virus in check, including an initial confirmation that the tourist is COVID-19 negative upon arriving, within 72 hours. This will be dropped gradually later in the month as applicable.

While grappling the novel coronavirus, the country is also battling with a migrant crisis. According to reports, the country just recently drove back 200 Georgian citizens to their destination after their application was rejected by the migrant office.

Reports claim the country recently deported 17 illegal migrants who were found to be terrorists of the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda.