New ‘culinary-inspired’ vegan butter brand Flora launched in the US

New 'culinary-inspired' vegan butter brand Flora launched in the US - We The World Magazine

If you’ve been missing on a good-quality delicious plant-based butter in your cuisine, rejoice, reputed vegan spread maker Upfield launches high-quality vegan butter under the brand Flora.

Plant-based dairy replacement like cheese and butter is yet to tap on qualities that many plant-based meat products have already reached, however, brands like Upfield are rapidly changing the norm with brands like Violife® plant-based cheeses and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!® among others.

Flora is the newest launch that promises to bring ‘culinary-inspired’ vegan butter to the American pallets that are also free from gluten, and GMO.

According to Upfield, the fully animal-free butter is made to recreate the taste and creaminess of traditional butter using plant-based oils. Consumers can use vegan butter in 1:1 ration for baking and cooking.

“Flora is a culinary-inspired premium brand that brings a rich heritage of chef experience from markets around the world, and it is a thrill to bring this new brand to American consumers,” said Bernice Chao, brand lead, Flora, Upfield North America.

New 'culinary-inspired' vegan butter brand Flora launched in the US - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of Flora via press release.

“We are a product loved by chefs that can be used by home cooks and bakers who are looking to put a twist on traditional recipes with a dairy-free and great tasting ingredient.”  

Care for the planet

Upfield has taken a responsible approach for the Flora Plant Butter. The sunflower, canola and palm oil has been responsibly sourced, the company says in a media statement.

The butter comes wrapped in a plastic-free FSC* certified parchment paper instead of plastic, as the company calls itself ‘environmentally conscious.’

“We are deeply passionate about creating new foods that will change our world because they are better for you and better for our planet,” Bernice Chao said.

Flora butter will be available in selected Krogers store in both salted and unsalted variant for different culinary needs. A block weighing  8.8 oz. will retail at $3.49.