COVID treatment: unmasked woman purposefully coughs on cancer patient in Florida

COVID treatment: unmasked woman purposefully coughs on cancer patient in Florida - We The World Magazine

Apparently, coughing on someone’s face – while a contagious pandemic rages – is the new abuse for aggressors!

In an extremely vile treatment to a bystander, an unmasked woman in a Florida departmental store purposefully coughs on a woman who happens to be a brain tumor patient. The woman has been put in “at large” list of criminals.

Heather Reed Sprague took to her Facebook handle to share with the world ‘the power of conscientious bystanders,’ and her beyond-abhorrent experience she encountered first-hand, just for standing silently and filming an abuse.

The incident took place sometimes by the end of last month in a departmental store in Florida, USA. Reed Sprague who is a mother of two, in her post shares she is a brain tumor patient at the Mayo Clinic. That day when the incident happened with her, she had an appointment at the Town Center area. To escape the heat, she ducked inside a store with a mask on, to kill time until her appointment, she writes in a Facebook post.

As she entered the store, she found two kids wandering around. She noted they were unattended for an extended time and they apparently belonged to a woman in the store counter who was ‘becoming increasingly belligerent.’

COVID treatment: unmasked abusive woman purposefully coughs on cancer patient in Florida store (Image courtesy of Heather Reed Sprague via Facebook)

Reed Sprague explained that the apparent mother of two was swearing, threatening, and insulting the staff as she demanded to return an item, without presenting it physically in the store. Her demand was based on a picture on her phone.

“But they couldn’t return an item she didn’t actually have with her,” Reed Sprague wrote, stating the staff was still respectful and professional to the abuser. Amid all the verbal thrashing ongoing, Heather noted, one of her kids was ‘squirming and asking for the bathroom.’ But the woman continued with her rant, instead of finding a potty for the child.

It must be noted, in all her time inside the store, the abusive woman was unmasked. Florida is one of America’s worst-hit states from the novel coronavirus after New York, California, Texas, and New Jersy.

Florida is among the areas where new daily cases are spiking with 10,109 new cases of COVID-19 reported on Thursday ((July 2), according to The Washington Post. Definitely she should have worn her mask at least. But this is just the tip of her iceberg of audacity.

The Ugly turn

But the story took the ugly turn when Heather Reed Sprague, who ‘did not speak, react, or engage’ and ‘simply stood to document the behavior’ was noted by the woman. “The video tells the rest of the story,” she wrote in the post.

“When bullies are faced with accountability they must acknowledge the unacceptability of their actions. Within 30 seconds of filming her tirade was done and she left the poor staff in peace,” Heather Reed Sprague wrote.

The woman, in her full consciousness, storms at Reed Sprague who was standing a few feet away from her, as she reaches in front of her face and purposefully coughs. Watch the distasteful act in the video below:

Sprague had the store file an incident report in case she got sick, she told The Florida Times-Union. Sprague also filed a police complaint against the aggressor, later identified as 52-year-old Debra Hunter for the offense: “battery—touch or strike, no injury,” according to First Coast News. Police are yet to arrest her and she is being marked “at large” in the report.

Sprague also told the police that her cancer has compromised her immune system and she has not been feeling well since the incident, as of June 30 media report. Hunter also threatened Sprague to kick and while leaving the store she took down a signboard, according to First Coast News.

“Within 30 seconds of filming her tirade was done and she left the poor staff in peace. And hopefully, her sweet boy got to find a potty. I’m off to find a COVID test, thanks Karen*cough, cough*” Heather Reed Sprague ended the post.

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