COVID-19 in US climbs by record 120k+ cases for second day in a row

Coronavirus in US climbs by record 120k+ cases for second day in a row - We The World
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At least 120K plus cases were recorded in the US on Thursday for the second consecutive day, as COVID-19 cases kept rising above the 100,000 marks for three out of the last seven days this week, Reuters reports.

COVID-19 rose alarmingly all across the US, with at least 20 out of fifty states recording a record one-day rise on Thursday. Data published by the COVID tracking project shows 103k cases – the highest daily case count to date.

Out of 50 states, all across the subcontinent, 34 states reported over 1000 new cases on Thursday. Reuters noted, while all of the US is hit hard by the pandemic, thy Midwest is particularly facing the crisis.

A record number of new cases came from states like Illinois (over 7K cases), Texas (over 8k cases), and California (over 5k cases) among others, the COVID Tracking Project showed.

All-total, COVID-19 cases in the US stand at a grim 9.4 million, by-far more than any other nations in the world. India is the only nation after the US to have recorded over 8 million cases.

The current status of new cases sprouting in the US is pressurizing the nation’s healthcare system in many states.

On a seven-day average tracked by Axios, new infections jumped to almost 17% and hospitalizations increased by 14% from last week, COVID-Tracking Project data shows.

On Thursday, 3,735 people were hospitalized, the highest in nearly two weeks, COVID Tracking Project data shows. 53,322 people were hospitalized all across the US. Cumulatively, 487,415 people were ever hospitalized from the pandemic.

The pandemic grips the US stronger and firmer than ever at a time when the US Elections 2020 is unfolding a chaotic and uncertain scene in the nation’s political landscape, notably battered by Trump’s repetitive misinformation campaign over vote counting.

Some US states where cases have grown tremendously in recent times have imposed certain restrictions to stem the growth of the virus, like imposing curfews. But no such actions were taken by the federal government.

Worryingly, seventeen out of 50 US states don’t require people to wear a face mask by mandate in public. While wearing a face mask and maintaining social distance are the most-effective methods to handle the spread of the virus.

Both Trump and Biden faces break-neck competition in the elections, with both the candidates beating each other on razor-thin margins in some of the key states.

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