Couple ditches 9-5 job, gets caravan and stays on road with dog

Couple ditches 9-5 job, gets caravan and stays on road with dog
Couple ditches 9-5 job, gets caravan and stays on road with dog

A British couple is living the dream of many; they’ve quit their 9-5 jobs and are traveling the world on a home that can move, with their adorable pooch. “Mountains are calling, and I must Go” they hand a poster on their tastefully donned caravan.

Harriet Evans, 28, and Josh Wycherley, 26 bought a second-hand van and spend months to tune it into a reasonably good home on wheels, before they head out last year, Daily Mail reports.

The couple met at their workplace in Surrey, and soon found both find the regular 9-5 job monotonous. At least monotonous when it comes to the couple’s penchant for adventure and see the whole world.

“No disrespect to anybody that wants to work and doesn’t prioritize travel, but we wanted to get out there and see the world.”

They started their preliminary planning and preparation in late 2018. By May 2019 the van was ready, and they had hit the road. After traveling 18 countries the second-hand van got conked on an Italian motorway. And for the time being, they had to return to the UK to get things back on track.

Insurance covered their flights back to Britain. In August last year, the couple trade-off the old van and in September got a bigger and better model – a Vauxhall Movano – with aircon, heater, sink, fridge, stove, washroom, wifi, and even a projector.

Evans and Wycherley were taking up odd jobs to save funds, as they planned to hit the road again in April 2020, only to their ill-fate, the Pandemic broke out and plans were shelved. But they say, nothing can hold them for so long. The couple is waiting for the green signal that deems travel safe again until they get out again.

The dream of many; dared by few

In an age when people ideally settle, get married, have children, Harriet and Josh are not of the types to play by the rule. While their job at a reputed adventure travel company gave more variation than a regular office job, they still sought more from life.

“After a few years, we just thought, “What are we doing?”.

‘But the amazing freedom that comes with van life far outweighs that. Aside from right now, while traveling is on pause, we can go anywhere we like,” Harriet says.

The couple has by now traveled to 18 nations in Europe, including driving through Luxemburg, Austria, Germany’s Black Forest, Slovakia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Montenegro, Hungary, Switzerland, San Marino, Czech Republic, Poland Italy among others.

Where do you camp? Find fuel? Refill?

To achieve this amazing feat, driving miles after miles, entirely depending on a vehicle for lodging, they say they had no experience to start with. “We’d traveled before, but never anything like this. We were used to staying in hotels and hostels, but suddenly, everything we had fitted into one van. It was quite a scary feeling – scary, but exciting,” Harriet recalls.

In April the couple bought Hudson, a cockapoo puppy as their co-traveler. Together, the trio planned to hit the roads in April but the Pandemic came on their way.

As of now, they are waiting for a green signal and a nod deeming travel safe. Josh is eager to start off again, but says they’ve got to keep a bar on the practicalities of nomadic traveling: “(…) where do you camp, where do you find fuel, where can you refill your water tank and stock up on food?” he says.

Right now they’re stationed at Telford, Shropshire, while Josh is working in a warehouse and Harriet optimizing the van as they wait to hit the ignite button again, and living life on the cusp of destiny.

Like many people, they too had their second thought over the decisions in life. “(…) there is part of us that sometimes thinks, ‘Are we doing the right thing?’ Harriet tells Daily Mail, referring to the unconventionally of their life and the second thoughts thy grapple with.

But they have balanced it with a reasonable argument: “If we don’t like somewhere, we simply move on, or change direction. There’s something about waking up every day without a plan that’s really liberating.”

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(Cover image courtesy of @montythevan via Instagram)

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