Couple married for 50-years die hand-in-hand from COVID-19

Couple married for 50-years die hand-in-hand from COVID-19 - We The World Magazine

An elderly couple from Texas, United States of America was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus at the same time. Married for 50-years they left for the other side hand-in-hand.

The elderly couple Curtis and Betty Tarpley from Texas met in high school and were married for half a century. Tim Tarpley their son ‘yelled and screamed’ when his mum, 80, told him she was ready to go. Mrs. Tarpley, 80 was admitted to Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth. She was in her last days of life. And since the time she was admitted, father Tarpley started to feel weak, WFLA reports.

“My mom called me and said, hey, just wanna let you know, I’m ready to go,” son Tim was quoted as saying by KTVT. After getting the bad news from mum Tim called his dad, who immediately asked him how his wife is. He soberly told his mum’s ailing condition.

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“You know, and it was like, at that moment, knowing that my mom was then gonna go, it was okay for him to go,” Tim shared what he felt about his father after breaking the news of his mum. His father was admitted to the same hospital as well.

Tim Tarpley shares a nurses went out of their way to shift his father to his mother’s room and placed their hands side by side. “[…]and next thing we know they grabbed each other’s hands. And that’s how they went,” said Tarpley.

Coronavirus cases have recently seen a spurt in growth in Texas. The states were one of the first in the US to reopen. The coronavirus cases in the state encountered a drastic hike, from 2000 average cases to 5000, BBC reports. Gov. Greg Abbott recently reimposed business restrictions in the state. So far, over 2.5 million confirmed cases are sweeping the US.

‘My parents are just normal people, but now the whole world knows their story,’ Tim Tarpley, the couple’s son, explained to CBS DFW.

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