Coronavirus update: India now has more than half a million cases

Coronavirus update: India now has more than half a million cases - We The World Magazine

On 27th June, Friday, India surpassed the half-million mark after the country recorded more than 17k new cases in the previous day within 24-hours.

As of June 27th, the nation, fourth worst-hit by the novel coronavirus in the world, has over 500,000 cases of infection from the disease that originated in Wuhan last year, Reuters reports. New Delhi is the country’s COVID hotspot with more than 70k confirmed cases.

According to reports, experts are advising the nation to take measures to prevent mortality over efforts of containing the spread, as cases are up for steady growth in the coming days.

One of the principal persons behind India’s coronavirus taskforce, Dr. Manoj Murhekar who’s the director of the National Institute of Epidemiology said numbers are going to increase and India’s focus should be on preventing death, and not bogged down by the numbers.

A prediction by the University of Michigan on India’s coronavirus scene predicts that country could see somewhere between 770,000 and 925,000 cases by July 15, Reuters reports.

Meanwhile, in New Delhi, the city with 20 million population is grappling with the largest outbreak in the nation. The NCR has only a fraction of the number of beds to treat the steadily growing infection cases.

However, reports suggest the city will implement tens of thousands of beds in the coming weeks. Just recently 2k beds were made operational at a temporary COVID-19 center in Delhi’s Radha Soami Satsang Beas.

2k out of 1k beds are made available in Delhi’s Sardar Patel COVID Care Centre and Hospital at Radha Soami Satsang Beas (Image courtesy of @Somrita_Ghosh via Twitter) Coronavirus update: India now has more than half a million cases

The facility will have a capacity for 10k beds in the coming days and will be used for treating and isolating COIVD positive patients. Over 170 doctors and 700 nurses will attend the mega-facility which will grow further depending on need, according to reports.