Coronavirus: record global one-day rise as Europe infections surge – WHO

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The World Health Organization has reported a record-rise in the daily number of cases of COVID-19 in the world, amid growing infections in Europe.

World coronavirus cases on Thursday rose by another 338,779 cases in 24-hours, as Europe sees a resurgence in the daily number of new cases.

Europe on Thursday recorded the highest-ever one-day rise in cases as recorded by the WHO since the pandemic began with 96,996 new cases.

It must be noted, Europe’s number of cases is now reminiscent of what India — the world’s second-worst affected nation — was recording last month.

As a region, Europe’s new cases are now sprouting in more numbers than that of India, US and Brazil which reported 78,524, 38,904 and 41,906 new cases respectively in the last 24-hours.

In England, new cases are mounting up in record numbers, putting the Boris Johnson government under pressure. The United Kingdom record over 17,000 new cases on Thursday which is record-breaking.

France has crossed the record 18k threshold of new cases for the second day. New cases are rising fast in almost every parts of Europe.

The new global record of the COVID-19 cases come after WHO reported the previous record on 2nd October with 330,340 new cases, Reuters reported.

The latest surge in cases meant more number of fatalities recorded. Global deaths rose by 5,514 with a total of 1.5 million fatal cases of the disease that originated in Wuhan, China.

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