Coronavirus pollution? Seabed found littered with facemask and gloves

Coronavirus Pollution-Seabed Found Littered With Facemask And Gloves - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of Opération Mer Propre via Facebook

After all, is the world destined to battle Coronavirus pollution?

An ecological group based in France has belled for apparently imminent Coronavirus pollution if measures to prevent irresponsible disposal of facemasks and gloves is not checked.

Soiled facemasks and latex gloves were found in the Mediterranean sea bed, already.

With health authorities across the world vouching for masks to battle the spread of the virus, billions of facemasks are scheduled to be used and disposed of. But few of them already finding their way into the seabed raises major environment alarms.

French environment NGO Opération mer propre (Operation clean sea) has filmed a video off the coast of Golfe-Juan, near Antibes that shows face masks and latex gloves in the Mediterranean sea bed, along with usual plastic litter.

Image coutesy of Opération mer propre via Facebook

The group is trying to restore the beaches near the Côte d’Azur resort. Founder, Laurent Lombard, shot the underwater footage and posted it on Facebook. He is reportedly warning for a new type of pollution, already when plastic pollution in seas is rampant.

“Operation COVID 19 this morning… this is it the first disposable masks arrived in the Mediterranean…!,” the group wrote on Facebook, sharing images and footage of the restoration dive.

The group is sounding an alarm as Europe gradually emerge from lockdown and start to return to the beaches in summer.

Video shot by the French environmental NGO shows latex gloves and face masks littering the seabed.

“Knowing that more than 2 billion disposable masks have been ordered, soon there may be more masks than jellyfish in Mediterranean waters …!,” the founder of the French NGO writes.

“The health crisis has allowed us to see the best and the worst in us, if we do nothing it is the worst that will happen when it is simply a matter of common sense to avoid all this.”

According to reports, soon after Italy released lockdown, masks were found lying in the city’s pavements, sweepers complained about social media.

“It’s just the beginning and if nothing changes it will become a real ecological disaster and maybe even health…!” the group says. “I would just say to end that a disposable mask is thrown in the trash like any other waste for that matter,” founder Laurent Lombard added.

(Cover image courtesy of Opération Mer Propre via Facebook)