Coronavirus: India is now the world’s 4th worst hit nation

Coronavirus India Is Now The World’s 4Th Worst Hit Nation - We The World Magazine
Photo by Prayag Tejwani on Unsplash

On Friday, the world’s largest democracy woke up to the worst day since the pandemic stuck, with a total of 297,535 reported coronavirus infections.

India surpassed the United Kingdom’s COVID-19 count after the nation recorded 10,956 on Friday, the worst single-day spike since the outbreak, India’s health and family welfare ministry said. Death tools increased to 8,498, according to reports.

India is now behind Russia ( 501,80), Brazil (802,828), and the U.S. (2,023,347). The global total has leaped from 7 to 8 million in a few days, according to Johns Hopkins coronavirus data tracker.

Despite the tremendous hike in fresh cases, infection ratio per lakh population is the lowest in the world with 20.77 cases per lakh as compared to  91.67 cases globally, Hindusthan Times reports. India is the lowest in terms of death as well, with 0.59 deaths as compared to 5.23 in the world.