Coronavirus: Global total inches close to 30M cases as pandemic rages on

Coronavirus: Global total inches close to 30M cases as pandemic rages on - We The World
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Coronavirus cases around the world see a sharp uptick in certain regions, as the global total number of infected cases touch the 30 million milestones, just six months after the novel virus was declared a pandemic.

As per Reuters tally, the current number of cases globally will surpass the 30 million mark on Thursday, as the pandemic shows no signs of aging.

There are, at present 29,864,555 cases, according to Johns Hopkins tally, which is just short of 135,445 cases to touch 30 million.

World Health Organization data reflects, the number of COVID-19 cases recorded globally has surpassed the upper range of severe influenza cases recorded annually.

India remains at the top of the worst-hit nations in the world, with new cases sprouting up in nearly 100k per day, since the last month. Other nations that are contributing to the skyrocketing rise are South America and the US.

India, last week, became the second country in the world to record 5 million cases, only after the US. On Thursday, India yet again broke the last daily-record of new cases with 97,894 cases in the last 24 hours, health ministry data shows.

In the US cases are increasing fast, with the global superpower accounting for almost 20% of all the recorded cases, despite having a world population share of only 4%, Reuters noted.

The global total death toll is also aggressively approaching the grim 1 million milestones, as 940,651 death cases so far show no signs of stopping.

In the meanwhile, the vaccine race is motion, with over 100 candidates sauntering to develop an immunization of the deadly virus which has invoked one of the biggest public health emergencies of the century.

The US federal government has laid out an aggressive plan to deliver the approved COVID-19 vaccine to all its citizens for free as the November elections near.

The global rate of newly recorded infections shows a slight decline, which is a good sign for controlling the virus, despite a few large upticks in India, Soth America, and the US.

However, experts remains skeptic over the global data of infection being underreported. Time and again surveys have shown the number of cases reported has been a lagging indicator of the actual scenario.

It must be noted, the COVID-19 pandemic, albeit deadly and all-pervading, is still nowhere close to the 1918 Spanish Flu which affected an estimated 500 million people worldwide and killed at least 50 million.

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