Coronavirus: Global caseload rises by over 500,000 in a day, for first time

Coronavirus: Global caseload rises by over 500,000 in a day, for first time - We The World
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The world recorded over 500,000 new COVID-19 cases Friday, for the first time at such staggering numbers as the second wave of the pandemic hit several nations, while the majority battle the first wave infections.

The half a million spike in the number of cases come as the winter sets in the Northern Hemisphere, which scientists have warned could be incubating time for the virus in alarming numbers.

Friday’s 500k record is a sharp uptick from the last Friday’s 400k mark which was already recorded to be an uptick of 25% in daily cases, Reuters reported.

Western countries along with some parts of Lain America have noted the highest single-day record in the last week, prompting governments to take measures.

Total coronavirus caseload is currently at 44,945,080 cases, with the US, India and Brazil making up 22,479,211 alone, Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 tracker says.

1,180,317 people have so far died from the virus, while hospitalizations in the US Midwest, as it has surpassed its own record from Spring, the COVID Tracking Project says. Although the hospitalization is yet to reach the Spring peak.

In the US, cases continue to grow at an alarming rate across the nation, breaking the 500,000 marks over a week, for the first time as the US awaits presidential elections in November.

President Trump has time and again campaigned that the pandemic in the US in rounding off, a claim that cannot be farther from the truth.

Notably, the US tested over 8.2 million people this week which is a 9 percent growth in testing, but a 24 percent surge in caseload outpaced the growth in testing over the same period.

On Thursday, the US recorded 88,452 new coronavirus cases Thursday — a single-day record, with  1,049 additional deaths. What is remarkable is the sloppy response from the US government.

North America, Latin America and Europe together account for 66% of global cases and over 76% of global deaths, Reuters new agency notes.

In Europe, caseloads are surging at alarming rate, which is now amid a second wave of the pandemic. France, Germany, Italy and the UK were amid record growth in caseload in the last weeks.

France and Germany have announced sweeping national lockdowns after cases grew alarming in the last week over, straining the nation’s health infrastructure.

Collectively, Europe accounts 9.5 million cases and about 261,000 deaths of the total caseload.

In Asia, India accounts for the most number of cases, which is also the second-worst affected by the pandemic after the US. The nation has been recording 48k cases on an average with a total of over 8 million cases, just a few thousand short of the US.

Taiwan, a small South Asian island-state is remarkable for not reporting a single local transmission now for over 200 days at a stretch.

As per Iranian state telivision, the situation is the grimmest of any Middle Eastern nations. Iran has reported one death every three minutes. On Wednesday, Iran recorded the highest rise in death rate since the pandemic after 415 people died from COVID.

Collectively, the Asia region surpassed the 10 million caseload last Saturday.

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