This coronavirus facemask by Israeli makers yawns to let you eat food without removing it

This Coronavirus Facemask By Israeli Makers Yawns To Let You Eat Food Without Removing It - We The World Magazine
Image is a screenshot via BBC

With the SARS COVI-2 impacting nearly every possible domain of life, the re-definition of the ‘new normal’ was so far going good, until a coronavirus facemask arrives that opens to let you eat. Like really opens by itself to let you eat!

The eyeball-popping invention by Israel based firm, claims their radical new mask will nake eating in restaurants safer. Ask how? By allowing food to pass through the bottom portion of the face mask that can open using a remote-controlled lever.

The company behind the apparently terrifying facemask told Reuters that they’re planning to manufacture their innovation in some months and the patents have been submitted.

The mask in question has a lip-like mechanism near the mouth of the wearer, that can be operated to open and close the mask, using a remote lever, to pass the food through.

By the looks of it, the user must master perfect synchrony of the mechanical mouth and the organic mouth (that’s an easy way to understand) to smoothly pass food, or else a mess is impending.

Asaf Gitelis, vice president of Avtipus Patents and Inventions — the company behind the product — demonstrated the mask on Monday in Tel-Aviv.

“The mask will be opened mechanically by hand remote or automatically when the fork is coming to the mask,” Gitelis said to Reuters.



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“Then you can eat, enjoy, drink and you take out the fork and it will be closed, and you’re protected against the virus and other people sitting with you,” he added.

Reuters noted the mask can get messy while trying to eat food like ice cream or the ones with sauces. “I don’t think this mask could hold this kind of ice cream – it’s dripping all over. I wouldn’t want to wear it afterward,” a random customer in a Juice Bar tells Reuters after watching the mask in action on a cellphone video.

Prices would range from $0.85 to $2.85. While normal blue medical masks retail at a lower price on e-commerce retailers like Amazon.

Shut Your Mouth

Another USA-based maker has a similar concept and instead of a mechanically driven mouth that opens and closes using a level, their mask employs the humble zip that can be conveniently opened by the user to eat small stuff or let a straw pass though.

“Need to sip? Open the zipper! Need to hydrate? Unzip! We want to allow people to keep their faces covered, stay safe, be responsible. Shut your mouth, but look great while doing it,” the makers behind ‘Shut Your Mouth’ writes on their website.

Their version of coronavirus facemasks are available in different colors, patterns to go with different outfits.

(Cover image is a screenshot from BBC)