Columbus Zoo red panda who went missing found; here’s how

Columbus Zoo red panda who went missing found; here's how - We The World Magazine

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio which was in a desperate lookout for a cutie-patootie red panda that has escaped its enclosure has been found and rescued, the zoo said in its official Facebook handle.

The female red panda was found by an eagle-eyed visitor, zoo authority announced on Facebook. The image shared by the zoo’s official Facebook page shows the panda high up on a tree branch.

“Despite [an] ongoing thorough search by Zoo staff, Kora was spotted by two guests who noticed her on the ground among dense foliage between the rhino habitat and the entrance of the Pachyderm Building in the Zoo’s Asia Quest region,” the zoo wrote in a Facebook post.

One of the zoo staff holding Kora the missing red panda’s cubs to gain her attention (Image courtesy of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium via Facebook)

“As previously suspected by her care team members, she was not far from her habitat and her cubs. The guests quickly reported their sighting to team members at 4:43 p.m., who immediately called the Zoo’s Security and Animal Health teams.”

Kora, the missing red panda, as assumed was not far away and found high up on a tree by an eagle eyed zoo visitor (Image courtesy of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium via Facebook)

But rescuing the little animal was as hard it could get, the zoo writes in the post. “As the team arrived to respond, Kora climbed high into a nearby tree,” the post read; “In an attempt to coax her down, the team brought her favorite treats, and, when that did not work, they carefully brought out her vocalizing cubs.”

“While she was attentive to their sounds and moved toward them, she remained in the tree just above the rooftop of the Pachyderm Building.”

Rescuing Kora was not an easy job, she kept climbing up while the rescue attempt, but she was safe and sound (Image courtesy of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium via Facebook)

Finally, to bring her down, the zoo authorities decided to tranquilize the animal since rain clouds were gathering and the evening was approaching. “She was asleep just six minutes later and at 5:56 p.m., she fell 10 feet into the waiting net of the response team,” the zoo said.

Went missing

According to the former statement the harmless mammal, which has recently become the mother of two, went missing on July 22nd, the statement wrote, describing the red panda as a: “a small, non-threatening mammal about the size of a raccoon, the nocturnal animal was last seen the evening of Tuesday, July 21, in her Asia Quest habitat.”

Zoo staff also lodged an extensive search for the Columbus Zoo red panda in ‘dense vegetation’ where the animal used to live. To make the work a little easier, other animals living in the nearby enclosures have been shifted indoors, the zoo said in the statement.

Red pandas are very scarcely available in the world. The majority of the animal’s habitat is in Asia, and it is made to adopt other regions across the world on popular demand and unmissable beauty of the animal that resembles a raccoon more than a panda.

“Footage from the den camera and security cameras located through the facility are being evaluated by staff, but so far, there have been no sightings or strong evidence of how she went missing,” the Zoo wrote in the previous post.

NOTE: the post has been updated with all the available latest information.

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