China has been using unapproved COVID-19 vaccine on frontline workers for weeks: Report

China has been using unapproved COVID-19 vaccine on frontline workers for weeks: Report - We The World Magazine
Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Key Chinese healthcare officials have been vaccinated by unapproved COVID-19 vaccines for weeks now, a senior Chinese public health officer told in a televised interview.

As of now, there are four vaccines in the final phases of clinical testing in China, and it is not clear which of the four vaccines have been put to “emergency use” on frontline workers.

According to Zheng Zhongwei, director of the National Health Commission’s (NHC’s) science and technology development center, the government has approved vaccinating frontline workers who are more prone to catch the virus since July 22.

Zheng said the government approval is in line with the law. “Most cases in China now are imported, so border officials are a high-risk group,” he said.

The officer also added as time comes other working classes will also be included in the inoculation list including wet market workers and transport servers, to create a barrier against the virus.

On Monday, China marked the eighth day with no local transmission and as a trend, most of the major clusturs of the virus surfaced from wet markets where people gather in large numbers to buy produce.

“We’ve drawn up a series of plan packages, including medical consent forms, side-effects monitoring plans, rescuing plans, compensation plans, to make sure the emergency use is well regulated and monitored,” the NHC officer told state broadcaster CCTV.

Fortune media noted rushing past an approved vaccine may be risky and China keeps to prove their virus situation is under control which will in hindsight prove Washington’s accusation to Beijing as the flagbearer of the virus as wrong.

The developing vaccine usually takes years including tens of thousands of subjects to test the effectiveness of the vaccine and if it produces any side effects.

China’s military, the People’s Army already got approval to jab the military personnel with a vaccine developed by CanSino Biologics in partnership with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, back in June at a time when the vaccine just got past Phase II trials.