China slams India’s banning of 59 apps as ‘ambiguous’ and ‘farfetched’

China slams India's banning of 59 apps as 'ambiguous' and 'farfetched' - We The World Magazine

In a statement issued by the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India, Counselor Ji Rong slammed the recent ban on 59 Chinese apps in India. “The Chinese side is seriously concerned with and firmly opposed to such action,” China’s statement says.

China interprets India’s ban on the apps as “selectively and discriminatory” which is aimed at certain apps on “ambiguous and far-fetched grounds.”

The Chinese embassy in India counselor also stated that the recent ban fails to follow the “fair and transparent requirements,” and violated WTO rules.

Rong went on to claim that the affected apps have a huge user base in India and “have been operating strictly in accordance with Indian laws and regulations.” The Chinese statement also appeared to raise concerns on the ban and its effect on the “employment of local Indian workers who support these apps.”

“The ban will affect not only the employment of local Indian workers who support these apps but also the interests of Indian users and the employment and livelihoods of many creators and entrepreneurs.”

Chinese Embassy

“We expect India acknowledges the mutually beneficial nature of China-India economic and trade cooperation, and urge the Indian side to change its discriminatory practices, maintain the momentum of China-India economic and trade cooperation, treat all investments and service providers equally, and create an open, fair and just business environment, while bearing in mind the fundamental interests of both sides and the overall interests of bilateral relations,” the statement ends.

On Monday late evening India’s Federal Government banned 59 Chinese apps that were massively popular in India including TikTok and the likes of ShareIt, UC Browser, and CamScanner. Earlier today, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian echoed the same sentiments.

China’s state-run media Global Times claimed analysts predict India’s ban on Chinese apps will eventually harm tech and internet startups after they lose Chinese investments.