CamScanner banned: best alternative document scanning apps in India

CamScanner banned: best alternatives available in India - We The World Magazine

A sweeping move by India’s central government on Monday went on to ban 59 apps that are made by Chinese companies. Some of the apps included one of India’s most used camera-based document/picture scanning app called CamScanner. But now that it is no more, is the convenience of scanning from a smartphone over? Albeit not.

Here are equally, perhaps better CamScanner alternatives for your smartphone, available both for iOS and Android.

1.Microsoft Office Lens – PDF Scanner

This absolutely fantastic document scanning app from Microsoft is equally on-par with CamScanner. It brings the perfect features needed in day-to-day life requirements like scanning a document, driving license, and whiteboard, among others. The app was named Google Play’s Best App 2015 in the U.S. and Purto Rico.

Just snap the image with your smartphone camera and you get to trip, crop, and rectify your scanned stuff before saving and syncing across Microsoft suite like OneDrive and OneNote.

Available both for Android and iOS.

2. Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR

Same as Microsoft’s just from the house of imagery masters – Adobe. This is a simple and straightforward scanning app to turn anything scannable into handy and always ready-to-reach documents – photos, business cards, whiteboards, and so on.

This one also allows you to turn your scanned items into high-quality PDF files if you want to make high-quality shareable. And not to mention Adobe’s usual cosmetic touchups like crease removals, and spot removals. Even bad handwriting can be erased at a click.

Available for both Android and iOS.

3. PhotoScan by Google Photos

Now we know you’re thinking why on earth a photo scanning app recommended in the list of a document scanner. We figured out, the software does not really discriminate captures on whether it is of a photo or a driving license.

Based on this principle of scanning apps, that essentially identify corners of a particular subject and convert it into storable documents, we decided to recommend a brilliant app by Google.

CamScanner banned: best alternatives available in India (Photo by freestocks on Unsplash)

The app works similarly like other scanning apps, but this one just does the job even better. The app features a stunning glare reduction technology that brings beautiful scans of shiny documents like some laminated ones.

Also for most of the time, the app precisely detects the corners and auto crops for you. But you are always free to do manually. Photos will be available in your Google photos gallery as well as locally in the app.

Available for Android and iOS

4. TurboScan: scan documents & receipts in PDF

Similar to Camscanner this app has the capacity to give you stellar document scans about whatever you want whenecver, wherever.

The app has built-in algorithms to cleanly crop the edges without wasting time and you get to save the documents in different formats like PDF and JPEG files.

Do note that the free version imposes some limitations and a paid full-version is available for only Rs. 85 on Google Play Store.

Available for Android and iOS.

5. Notebloc: Scanner App – Scan, save & share as PDF

This camera scanning app from a Barcelona-based is 100% free for use including all the features. The app has a small download size, is fast and safe.

Like others in the list, this app can detect corners and save precisely cropped document scans for you without imperfections.

Available for Android

Do you already use one of the above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.