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Philips unveils ₹7k Fresh Air Mask with rechargeable fan module


Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today unveiled the Philips Fresh Air Mask. Combining excellent breathing comfort, strong filtration performance and contemporary design, the Philips Fresh Air Mask will provide protection from rising air pollution levels in the country.

The comapny claims, the mask is desined to fit any face of any shape with ease, thanks to the “golden anchor point” defined by the Philips laboratory through scientific force analysis to effectively disperses the pressure of the mask on the bridge of the nose, cheeks and ears.

Incorporating the state-of-the-art Fresh Air Fan, the Philips Fresh Air Mask coupled with an air fluid dynamic design delivers an air ventilation system that provides fresh air every second, thereby decreasing humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels behind the mask. This provides fresher, drier, and cooler breaths every second, thereby greatly increasing breathing comfort.

Philips Fresh Air Mask
Image courtesy of Philips via Amazon

Commenting on the new launch, Vidyut Kaul, Head, Personal Health, Philips Indian Subcontinent said, “The risk from air pollution is very real and getting worse by the year. While we are working towards a long-term goal of reducing pollution, it is also important to protect ourselves from its adverse impact on a daily basis.

“Consumers today are health conscious and willing to invest in products which can improve and protect their health and wellness. Catering to this robust growth in demand, we today have introduced Philips Fresh Air Mask which is specifically designed to minimize inconvenience caused by prolonged use of conventional masks, make you feel comfortable while keeping you safe.”

Philips Air Mask: High filtration. Low mantainance

Filtration efficiency is the key to protection provided by masks. Equipped with a 4 layered, high filtration, non-valve filter design, the Philips Fresh Air Mask has two-way filtration system so that both inhaled and exhaled air passes through the filter.

The fan module is also specially designed to avoid spreading filtered exhaled air horizontally outward, which could potentially affect those in the vicinity of the mask wearer. The Air Power system includes the powerful motor has an Airflow up to 41L/minute (6 times more than required during normal breathing) to reduce breathing resistance.

Philips Fresh Air Mask
Philips has marketed the mask to cater the widely prevalent issue of extreme humidity after prolonged mask-wearing.

To ensure effective air purification, the filter should be replaced after 40 hours of wear. When used at longer intervals, it is recommended to replace the filter at least every two weeks.

The product comes with a fashionable design, including a reusable cover which is ingeniously crafted with air mesh and precise 3D laser cutting, that properly fits on any face and blends in with any look.

It has a charging port for the fan module which can work for 2 to 3.5 hours after charging. To guarantee filtration efficiency, the consecutive duration of use of a single disposable filter is recommended to be no longer than 40 hours.

Will the Philips Fresh Air Mask stop Covid-19 virus?

Philips has not marketed its product to prevent Covid-19 viruses, but the product does come with 4-layerd mesh that filters 95% particles at 3MM particle size when worn for the first time. The company has however suggested changing the filters after every two-weeks for optimal results.

Philips Fresh Air Mask
Image courtesy of Philips via

As per Covid-19 protection, WHO reccomends not wearing facemasks with respirators or exhalers and valves because they may permit non-filtered air to pass into the system. Philips has said their Fresh Air Mask does not come with any respirators.

The product range would be available at your nearest retail store and for online purchases at MRP 6990.

For online purchase of the Fresh Air Mask, please refer to the link- Philips Fresh Air Mask


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