Bunch of swearing parrot removed from public display in the UK

Bunch of swearing parrot removed from public display in the UK - We The World
Photo by Hannah Dickens on Unsplash

Five parrots at an English wildlife park were moved away from public display after the birds started to throw crude words at visitors flocking to see them.

The African grey parrots,  — named Eric, Jade, Elsie, Tyson and Billy — arrived at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in eastern England from five different owner who donated them on the same week.

The birds were sharing a quarantine facility and were then moved to a public display, only to embarrass the zoo authority, it turns out.

The group of foul-mouthed birds reportedly went ‘ballistic’ and started swearing at anybody who neared their cage, the zoo chief executive told media.

“We were a little concerned about the children,” venue chief Steve Nichols told CNN Travel, adding that whenever he passed the enclosure, he gets called a “fat t**t.”

“They literally, within a very short period of time, starting swearing at each other,” Nichols was quoted as saying.

“‘F**k off’ is the most common one,” he said and that “it’s a very easy one for them to learn,” but the birds would utter “anything you can think of.”

Visitors were reportedly enjoying the foul-beaked parrots once they were put on display, with some of them even giving them back as much they got, Nichols said.

After removing them from the public display and separating the rogue group, zoo authorities are now expecting their language to bow down and become ‘family-friendly.’

“I’m hoping they learn different words within colonies – but if they teach the others bad language and I end up with 250 swearing birds, I don’t know what we’ll do,” Nichols said.

The African grey parrots are adored around the world for its unputdownable ability to speak human language. They’re often referred to as the parrot specie that can speak the most.

It is not a very unusual sight for parrots to wear, sing like celebs and copy anything that comes their way. A parrot called Chico (who lives in the same park as these five birds) went viral on the internet for its unmissable rendition of Beyonce’s ‘If I Were a Boy’.

But we guess Nichols and the zoo had real issues having to manage not one, but five swearing parrots at the same time.

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