A breathable protein shows enormous promise in reducing COVID-19 symptoms

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A UK-based biotechnology firm has developed a breathable protein that has been found to have significantly reduced the chances of severe symptoms from COVID-19 in the trial.

Southampton-based drug-maker Synairgen has created what they’re calling the breakthrough treatment, using the protein called interferon beta, BBC reports.

The substance is naturally made in the human body as a reaction to viral infection and the biotech firm just harnessed the substance to fight the virus.

The treatment developed by Synairgen involves delivering the protein directly into the lungs of the infected COVID-19 patients expecting it will invoke an immune response.

A breathable protein shows enormous promise in reducing COVID-19 symptoms (Image for representative purpose only)

The study involved 101 volunteer COVID positive patients admitted by 9 different UK hospitals. Of the 101 patients, half received the treatment, while the other half received a placebo – an inactive substance.

As per the preliminary clinical trials, patients who were given the treatment reported “very significant” reduction in breathlessness. The prelim findings also noted, as much as 79% of the patients were out of odds from developing severe symptoms – like needing ventilation – after the treatment.

The initial findings showed that the treatment also reduced the average time patients needed to recover from the virus by up to 3 days, according to the BBC.

While the initial findings have been suggested, the full claims of the study are unavailable. The findings have also not been uploaded on a peer-reviewed journal as well.

But scientists backing the study are vouching for it, saying if it proves equally effective in a larger study, it could be ‘game-changer.’ Synairgen chief executive Richard Marsden told the BBC: “We couldn’t have expected much better results than these.”

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