Both the Americas global epicenter of coronavirus as Brazil overtakes Russia’s COVID-19 count

Both The Americas Global Epicenter Of Coronavirus As Brazil Overtakes Russias Covid-19 Count - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of @iamjoseh_ via Twitter

On Friday, Brazil registered 330,890 infections and 21,048 deaths from the SARS-COVI-2 virus, reaching just short of crossing the US in terms of the infected people.

Brazil overtaking Russia on Friday becomes the second-most affected country in the world; making both the Americas a global hotspot for the virus.

Brazil, in 24-hours, has documented 1001 surge in cases, the third time in four days its infection count recorded over a thousand, France 24 reports.

A distraught ariel image from Sao Paolo – the worst-hit city in Brazil – shows rows of open graves in Formosa Cemetery, ready to fill, as the demand grows.

Ariel capture of Formosa Cemetery, Brazil’s largest, showing rows of open plot ready to fill as death-toll increases (Image courtesy of @iamjoseh_ via Twitter)

The WHO has declared Brazil as the latest epicenter for the disease with over 330,890 infections and 21,048 deaths. Experts believe the cases are possibly more than 15-times higher given their under-testing status.

Image courtesy of @iamjoseh_ via Twitter

Johns Hopkins University tallies 1.6 million cases in the United States with 96k deaths. Russia’s death toll is way behind Brazil and the US with 3200 deaths.

France 24 notes the South American country, Brazil with 201 million population has had a ‘disjointed response’ to the pandemic.



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Earlier reports state how the far-right president of the country – Jair Bolsonaro – had failed to protect the country’s indigenous Amazon communities from the coronavirus.

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(Cover image courtesy of @iamjoseh_ via Twitter)