Boy who inserted lego piece in nose comes out two years later

Boy who inserted lego piece in nose comes out two years later - We The World Magazine
Piece of lego held on a tissue than the boy sneezed out after two years (Image courtesy of MUDASSIR ANWAR to

In a bizarre and probably an oddly relieving experience, a small part of a lego character came out from a New Zealand boy’s nose, that reportedly went in two years ago.

According to the Guardian, seven-year-old Sameer Anwar from Dunedin, in southern New Zealand, inserted a tiny piece of lego in his nostrils in 2018.

Apparently, Sameer is one of those children who push things in their nose. When he was three, he put an imitation pear in his nose, which was thankfully retrieved by his father.

But the fate of a lego piece, which Anwar insisted was an arm of his beloved lego character, was not as good as the pear he put in nose.

Sameer told about the lost piece to his parent and they became alarmed. According to the report, the lego piece went inside and since then got vanished.

Even a GP could not trace it after a visit and advised, the plastic would have moved down the digestive tract if it was present there at all.

Miraculously, Sameer did not even complain of any distress and it was soon forgotten. “Since then he’s never complained or anything,” Anwar said, speaking to the Guardian and added that his son was “quite playful and a mischievous character”.

Boy who inserted lego piece in nose comes out two years later (Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash)

But little did the family know the lost lego was about to make a dramatic entry. Last weekend, Sameer, intrigued by a plate of pink cupcakes bent to sniff the delicacies.

His nose began to hurt, as soon as he took a big sniff. His mother thought he inhaled cupcake crumbles and lead him to blow his nose to clear up the mess.

Then the unthinkable happened. Sameer exhaled a tiny lego piece, all covered in fungus. “The Lego piece looks a bit gross but that’s how it is. Unbelievable”, Anwar told the Guardian.

Lego piece missing is one of the many things that end up getting stuck in kids’ nostrils. A rotting piece of leather, a chunk of broccoli, a crayon, and even a plastic ‘google eye’ in the nose, as per Kidspot.

Getting back to Sameer, he was quite happy to be reunited with his missing lego piece. “Mum, I found the Lego! You were telling me it wasn’t there, but it was there!” he said.