Biden inches closer to 46th US Presidency after taking lead in Pennsylvania

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden took a sharp lead in vote counts at key state Pennsylvania soaring past President Donald Trump by about 5,600 votes on Friday morning.

The projection comes as 95% of the state’s precincts have yielded results favorable to Biden and the remaining minority is pending.

Biden, who has won the majority of the popular votes awaits some 270 electoral votes from the key states which would take the 77-years-old past the threshold numbers needed to claim the White House for the next four years.

Joe Biden currently has 253 electoral college votes and if his progress in the states of Pennsylvania persist — which the New York Times predicts will — the 50 electoral votes could cement the 46th US President.

In Georgia — another key Biden-Trump battleground is also in favor of Biden. Ninety-nine percent of the votes in the state have been counted with few thousand ballots remaining, the BBC reported.

Despite the break-neck competition, both Biden and Trump show polar sides of the two candidates — one appearing sensibly calm and confidant, the other spontaneously restless.

Addressing reporters from Wilmington, Del. Mr. Biden said: ‘Democracy can sometimes be messy,’ and urged people to have patience while the vote-counting plays out on its own.

But Mr. Trump, on the other hand, not only broadcasted earlier that he would dispute results unfavorable for him but has also made sure to manifest the same in reality.

Ever since th voting ballots were closed across the US on Tuesday. Mr. Trump has thrown one-after-the-other accusations on the legitimacy of the voting process, even filing some lawsuits.

Mr. Trump has already disputed the legitimacy of the mail-in-ballots which became the majorly-preferred method of voting in time of the pandemic. Mail-in votes kept Biden on top of Pennsylvania.

Votes are still being counted in key states of North Carolina (with 95% votes counted), and Alaska (with 56% votes counted), where Mr. Trump is leading by 1.4% and 62.9% respectively.

In Nevada and Arizona, with 89% and 90% of votes counted respectively Biden is on the lead in lesser margins, with chances of Mr. Trump reclaiming the majority still prevailing.

But if Biden wins either of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, he could win the Presidency, the BBC reports.

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