Kolkata Man gets Bhagavad Gita after ordering Communist Manifesto in Amazon

Kolkata Man Gets Bhagavad Gita After Ordering Communist Manifesto In Amazon - We The World Magazine

A man in Kolkata ordered Communist Manifesto and what it received after getting the ordered delivered stunned him.

Sutirtha Das placed an order of the Communist Manifesto on Wednesday through Amazon. In a detailed Facebook post, he writes how he got the book on a discount. Soon he received a confirmation email that the book will be delivered by Friday or Saturday in the same week.

Saturday morning Das received the SMS from Amazon telling his order is out for delivery. After returning from the office he unwrapped the parcel and found, instead of the Communist Manifesto he ordered, an abridged, old and soiled version of the Bhagavat Gita was sent to him.

“After opening the wrap of the parcel, I was stunned! What is this? It’s like “it was a cat and is now a hanky,” Das writes on a Facebook post with a hashtag BhagavatMenifesto detailing the chronology of his unusual and weirdly oxymoronic incident then happened with him.

Amazon and other eCommerce stunning customers with altered order deliveries aren’t uncommon. Last time a man was lucky enough to get wireless BOSE earbuds worth Rs.19k instead of an Rs. 300 body lotion he ordered. But Bhagavad Gita instead of Communist Manifesto has taken Sutirtha Das by a stun, and legitly so.

(Cover image courtesy of Sutirtha Das via Facebook)