Beyond Meat special 8-pack burgers arrive at BJ’s Wholesale and Sam’s Club across the U.S

Beyond Meat special 8-pack burgers arrive at BJ’s Wholesale and Sam’s Club across the U.S - We The world Magazine

After successfully launching the sensational Beyond Meat products at Costco last year, the nation’s most-popular plant-based meat now arrives at two other membership-only wholesalers – BJ’s and Sam’s Club, nationwide.

For the new launch, the company is offering proprietary club store packs of the uber-successful Beyond Burger in a pack of 8.

The launch follows a successful club-channel debut at Costco and a test-trail in Sam’s Club in 2019 which was the first faux-meat product for the membership-exclusive warehouse retailer.

Beyond Meat is one of the harbingers of America’s steady stride ahead in advancing the plant-based industry with more realistic and tastier meat-replacement options than ever.

The company marked a crashing debut in the stock market last year, creating history. Beyond Meat makes realistic meat products sans bloodshed, using ingredients like brown rice, peas, and mung beans without the commonly used soy and gluten in many similar products.

Beyond Meat’s steadily growing distribution channel is a testimony to the product’s preference that famously appeals meat-eaters as well as non-meat eaters alike.

The new partnership with Sam’s and DJ’s means Beyond Meat made its presence at three of America’s major club channel outlets.

Image courtesy of Beyond Meat / Beyond Meat special 8-pack burgers arrive at BJ’s Wholesale and Sam’s Club across the U.S

“Having entered all national conventional retailers in the US, we looked for where the white space existed and club stores were the next logical step towards increasing accessibility to plant-based meat among mainstream consumers,” said Chuck Muth, Beyond Meat’s Chief Growth Officer.

“By offering the Beyond Burger in a larger format, we’re able to provide value to consumers and a more accessible entry point for those looking to try a plant-based option for the first time or increase their adoption of plant-based meat. With the added focus on retail the past few months as well as a shift towards less frequent, stock-up style shopping trips, our distribution in club stores has been especially critical.”

Placing cruelty-free on the mainstream

In many retail outlets, Beyond Meat’s pure vegan products are sold in the same refrigerator as normal meat, giving an ultimate jolt to the meat industry.

As of March 28, Beyond Meat’s portfolio is present at nearly 25,000 retail stores across the US, including famous retailers like Kroger, Walmart, Target, Whole Foods Market, Albertsons/Vons/Pavilions, Publix, Wegmans, Sprouts and more.

Beyond Burgers, the company’s flagship offering recreates the sensory attributes of a real hamburger without pinching an animal, using nutritious plant-based ingredients that are on par, if not more, than the nutritional values of traditional meat.

Beyond Burgers deliver stellar taste and texture while cutting on 35% of the saturated and total fats, also without cholesterol, antibiotics and hormones.

(Cover image courtesy of Beyond Meat via press release)