Beyond Meat’s beyond burger step: brings course on sustainability with EVERFI

Beyond Meat's beyond burger step: brings course on sustainability with EVERFI - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of Beyond Meat x EVERFI

America’s top plant-based meat-maker Beyond Meat just went beyond their culinary expertise to cast an even deeper imprint on the planet’s future, by bringing science-based learning course on sustainability.

In partnership with the leading education-technology firm EVERFI, Beyond Meat announces the launch of a learning course on the platform which will be available to students, teachers, and parents, nationwide, starting October.

Almost 41 million people across age-groups from around the world (from K-12 to adults) flock into EVERFI’s learning platform to access the treasure trove of 250 digital education assets on social issues starting from workplace training, community engagement to financial wellness and prescription drug training.

This specific course, also designed for students of fifth to eighth-graders, will impart Beyond Meat’s emphasis on ‘future-defining’ topics like sustainability to parents, teachers, and children for free.

Contents of the course will be grounded in practical experiences, a joint statement from the two companies say, which will include topics like global resource constraints, climate change, the importance of biodiversity, and innovation for a healthy life.

Beyond Meat feels strongly that to bring lasting change to our communities, all students should have access to education on future-defining topics like sustainability,” the company says in a statement.

Beyond Meat’s beyond burger step: brings course on sustainability with EVERFI (Image courtesy of Beyond Meat x EVERFI)

This initiative by the sustainability-oriented companies comes on the heels of another education initiative by Beyond Meat called ‘WHAT IF WE ALL GO BEYOND,’ where the food-tech company raises a lot of ‘what ifs’ offering clever, compassionate and technologically-advanced solutions to some of the glaring issues of the world.

What if just taking the animal out of the meat made us and our planet healthier? What if we got protein from beans and peas and made a great burger? What if we put plant-based protein in our carts, on our menus, on our grills, and on our plates? 

– Beyond Meat

Rightly on demand

There’s no doubt that the world is advancing toward a critical climate emergency. Trends around the globe show a resounding alarm from nature to stop the damage in the name of ‘progress.’

Science-based courses like the ones offered by Beyond Meat and EVERFI are on high-demand. A survey conducted by EVERFI on its educators found 98% of them saying they were ‘very’ to ‘extremely interested’ in a course of sustainability.

Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat Founder & CEO said: “We see food as a vehicle for change; this course being an important part of that commitment, helping students to learn more about the role of diet in health and sustainability.”

“Health and sustainability are core to our mission at Beyond Meat, so we’re thrilled to partner with EVERFI to bring this digital course to students across the U.S.”

EVERFI’s founder and CEO Tom Davidson and Ethan Brown were childhood friends, which makes this collaboration even more mindful. Both the founders now live their childhood goals of establishing and operating sustainability-oriented firms, now leaders in their fields.

“With this education, children will gain more clarity around the impact of their choices and maybe inspired to make changes to some of their daily routines,” EVERFI’s Tom Davidson says.

Tell me more about the course

The course will be launched in October this year and will continue throughout the 2020-2021 academic session.

In tandem with the current trend of home-based learning, Beyond Meat and EVERFI will make sure the course is accessible to students, teachers, and parents in their home learning system, nationwide.

Plans are also in place to engage the learning community via various initiatives and activities to further revamp the curriculum.