Man seeks ban on Coca-Cola, Thums Up, Supreme court slams Rs. 5L fine instead

Man Seeks Ban On Coca-cola Thums Up Supreme Court Slams Rs. 5L Fine Instead - We The World Magazine
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In a dramatic turn of events, Mr Chavda, who filed for a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking a ban on Coca-Cola and Thumbs Up gets slammed Rs. 5 Lakh penalty from the country’s top court on the pretext of abusing the law and failing to substantiate his assertion.

Mr Chaveda, filed the PIL to the Supreme Court arguing two of the widely consumed carbonated drinks Coca-Cola and Thums Up are ‘detrimental to human health‘ and should be banned, according to reports. Chavda claims to a ‘social worker.’

However, the nation’s Apex jurisdiction slammed the man for Rs. 5 lakh fine because he abused the process of law and did not possess enough technical knowledge to substantiate his argument that the two specific beverages are “detrimental to health.” It is also known that Mr Chavds’s counsel failed to point out why these two specific brands he has targeted.

Image courtesy of Satish Krishnamurthy via Flickr under Creative Commons 2.0 generic license

“The petition has been filed without the petitioner having any technical knowledge on the subject. The source of his assertions has not been substantiated,” The Supreme Court said.

“We have come to the conclusion that invocation of the jurisdiction under Article 32 is not a bona fide recourse to the jurisdiction in public interest litigation. Consequently, besides dismissing the petition an order directing the imposition of exemplary costs is necessary.”

For the uninitiated, both Coca-Cola and Thumps Up are carbonated drinks in dark brown colour. Apparently, both might look same, but they’re not. Fans are often very particular to choose one above the other based on preference. Thums Up is more popular in India.