Balrampur: Yet another gang-rape death from the same state shakes India

Balrampur: Yet another gang-rape death shakes India - We The World
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As if one grievous gang-rape murder in a week is not enough, India rattles with another gang-rape murder from the same state, notorious for being the worst place to be a woman.

Another Dalit woman, 22, died in the Balrampur region of Uttar Pradesh after she was allegedly gang-raped and murdered by the two sexual predators, media reports confirm.

Both the accused reportedly assaulted the woman at the Gaisri police station area of Balrampur and have been arrested.

The young woman did not return home of late, making her parents anxious. Police told the Times of India newspaper they received a complaint from the kin of the victim after she did not return home on Tuesday.

On the wee hours of Wednesday, the woman came back home, on a rickshaw in horrible conditions, and a glucose drip inserted in her hand. She died on the way to the hospital.

As per the family who registered the complaint at Gaisri police station, after the two men raped they took her to some doctor and when her condition deteriorated, she was dropped back to her home.

The news comes as India reels from the death of a 20-years-old Dalit woman who died after a week-long battle with the inhuman wounds inflicted on her by rapists. The incident was so terrible it drew parallels with the 2012, Delhi Nirbhaya’s case.

The death of the second Dalit woman in a matter of days has sparked a public outcry in India, which is unfortunately known as the land of most rapes reported.

A police case has been lodged where the latest incident took place, 500 km away from Hathras where the previous crime happened.

Police have however denied allegations her legs and ribs were broken, citing autopsy.

The first victim died Tuesday and so is the latest and second victim from the same state. But her death was announced only on Thursday the BBC noted.

Cast-based violence is widespread and common in India, especially in the rural areas, and the northern state of Uttar Pradesh holds the top-spot of cast-based violence and crimes against women.

Dalits, who sit at the bottom of India’s unforgiving Hindu hierarchy are often subjected to prejudicial and hate-based tortures by upper-cast people.

The first rape victim was allegedly cremated forcibly by the police prompting public outrage and protests across the nation.

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