Baby tries to wake dead mother in Bihar- India’s endless migrant crises

Baby Tries To Wake Dead Mother In Bihar- India’s Endless Migrant Crises - We The World Magazine
Image is a screenshot from the clip by Yadav via Twitter

A heartbreaking clip of a toddler trying to wake up his dead mother who passed away in Bihar highlighted the wretched conditions the thousands of migrants in India are currently undergoing.

By far one of the most tragic visuals from India’s endless migrant-crisis reports, the incident took place in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur railway station where the young woman arrived on Monday.

The baby tries to wake his mum but in vain because she died moments before. According to family, she passed away from hunger, dehydration, and heat.

The footage was Tweeted by Bihar’s Ex-Deputy CM Sanjay Yadav on May 27th. Since then the clip has been viewed more than 800,000 times on twitter. So

In the video, the toddler keeps playing with the shroud. Sometimes tugging the cover, sometimes putting his head inside. But the mother does not move.

“This small child doesn’t know that the bedsheet with which he is playing is the shroud of his mother who has gone into eternal sleep. For being on train for four days, the mother passed out. Who is responsible for these deaths on trains? Shouldn’t the opposition be countered with questions?” Yadav Tweeted in Hindi.

Reports say the woman had been unwell on the train because of lack of food and water, who boarded from Gujrat on Sunday. She was traveling from Ahmedabad to Kathihar with her sister, sister’s husband, and two children.

However, the Railway police reportedly have a different story to tell. “My sister-in-law died suddenly on the train. We did not face any problem getting food or water,” Ramakant Upadhyay, the Dy SP of the Government Railway Police in Muzaffarpur told the reporters quoting the deceased’s brother who was not named.

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The Migrant Crisis

Tens of thousands of migrants are traveling from one place to another in special trains meant to ferry them. But the conditions they are facing are appalling, flashing back glimpses of Partition days.

Hundreds of migrant-families were left to fend themselves after India went into lockdown in March. Since then they’ve been traveling thousands of kilometers by road, or either by foot and cycle. Sometimes never able to reach the destination, collapsing on the way from road/ rail accidents, heat, food shortage, and dehydration.

The Shramik Special trains were started by the Government earlier this month, however, NDTV notes that the process to access the trains for the migrants has been filled with glitches and paperwork, forcing the helpless people to go for desperate measures to reach home.