Ayodya temple priest whose hand Modi held tests positive for coronavirus

Ayodya priest whose hand Modi held tests positive for coronavirus - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of @sumonseng via Twitter

The 82-years-old Hindu priest who was among the many others present at the groundbreaking ceremony of Ayodhya Ram Temple tests positive for the novel coronavirus.

Television footage showed Prime Minister Narendra Modi held hands of the priest and bowed down to him during the ceremony held in the north Indian town of Ayodhya, Reuters reports.

Nritya Gopal Das becomes the latest public figure in the nation to test positive for the novel coronavirus, including many from Modi’s cabinet.

An Ayodhya spokesperson said the priest tested negative for the virus on August 5 when the ceremony was held, as all others invited, and hence did not pose any infection risk to the PM.

Image from August 5th Ayodhya Temple ceremony showing Modi sharing stage in close proximity with priest Nritya Gopal Das who has testes COVID-19 positive (Image courtesy of @t_d_h_nair via Twitter)

However, Gopal Das tested positive for the virus just recently. As per current coronavirus data from the Union Health Ministry, the incubation period of the novel coronavirus ranges from 1 to 12.5 days.

The senior priest has been hospitalized. The priest was among the five people on stage for the ceremony of building the Hindu temple on the highly contested site in Ayodhya.

India is currently the fastest-growing region for the novel coronavirus. On Thursday, the nation broke the daily caseload record with over 65k new infections in a single day after recording 50k plus for days in a row.

Currently, there are almost 2.4 million cases putting India just below the US and Brazil in terms of caseloads. The COVID-19 death toll stands at  47,033, as per the latest Health Ministry updates.