American company fires white employee for being a racist

American Company Fires White Employee For Being A Racist - We The World Magazine
Image by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

A white woman has been fired by an American company where she was employed after she got herself involved in a racist affair in New York City.

The white woman- Amy Cooper, who worked for an investment firm called Franklin Templeton, was initially put on administrative leave after a racist incident involving her went viral on Monday.

She was walking her dog in the Bramble area of Central Park in New York City, where Christan Cooper, an African-American was already present, bird watching.

The particular area of the Central Park forbids dogs from roaming without a leash, and Amy’s dog was free. When Christian Cooper asked Amy to put the dog on a leash, she refused.

Christian Cooper at that point tried to get the dog come to him using dog treats, responding to which Amy Cooper started to threaten to call the police.

Christian Cooper began recording the incident while Amy was calling the police. Amy can be seen furiously striding towards Christan who has already begun filming the incident. Christian tells her not to come close to him, while Amy asks her to stop filming.

Amy Cooper could be clearly heard telling the man ” I will tell there’s an African American man threatening my life.” Responding to which Christan Cooper can be heard saying ” please tell them whatever you like.”

She called the cops over allegations that Christian was threating her and her dog.

We do not tolerate racism of any kind

The video has since then been viewed tens of millions of times, instantly going viral. The incident caused outrage and drew attention on the prevailing issue of white Americans calling the police on black Americans while they were harmless or doing the most mundane activities.

Amy Copper’s employer on Tuesday confirmed in a tweet that they have fired her. The company said in a statement: “Following our internal review of the incident in Central Park yesterday, we have made the decision to terminate the employee involved, effective immediately. We do not tolerate racism of any kind at Franklin Templeton.”

Amy Cooper has apologized in an interview with CNN on Monday and pressed ” I am not a racist.” She had to reportedly give back her dog to the shelter from where she adopted. She said her “entire life is being destroyed right now.”

When asked why she reacted the way she did with Cooper, she told her she was scared and “When you’re alone in the Ramble, you don’t know what’s happening. It’s not excusable, it’s not defensible.”

When asked to Christian Cooper why he filmed the encounter, he told “I videotaped it because I thought it was important to document things,” citing the recent Ahmaud Arbery murder incident. “Unfortunately we live in an era with things like Ahmaud Arbery, where black men are seen as targets. This woman thought she could exploit that to her advantage, and I wasn’t having it.”