Amber Heard pooped in bed as ‘prank’ when Johnny Depp decided to divorce her: Statement

Amber Heard pooped in bed as 'prank' when Johnny Depp decided to divorce her: Statement - We The World Magazine

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp reportedly made a sensational claim- former wife and Hollywood actor Amber Heard defecated in their marriage bed, following which Depp decided to end their troubled marriage, according to multiple media reports.

The actor, on Monday, testified at London’s Royal Courts of Justice for a three-week-long trial after he sued British tabloid media the Sun for alleging him as a ‘wife-beater,’ based on allegations of Amber Heard and publishing an article on the same.

In the first hearing, Depp admitted to taking drugs, heavy drinking but slammed the claims by his wife that he was physically abusive to her by saying ‘they’re sick and completely untrue’, on the first day of his libel battle against the Sun, according to media reports.

In a written statement, accessed by Daily Mail, Depp wrote about the time when he decided to end his marriage with Amber Heard. It was after he found fecal matters in their bed, which he says was either of Heard’s or ‘possibly one of her friends’ and which Heard dismissed as ‘just a harmless prank.’

Amber Heard arriving in London court with sister (right) and attorney (left). (Image courtesy of Amber Heard Russia via Twitter)

Besides brushing off every claim made by Heard of him being abusive, he emphasized his “Southern upbringing” and that chivalry is very important to him. Not only this, but Depp also told the court that Heard is a ‘calculating, narcissistic sociopath’ who married him for underlying means of advancing her career.

In one written statement, which both the parties forwarded, Depp claimed in his version that Amber repeatedly hit him on the face and partially severed his fingers after throwing a vodka bottle. Depp’s image with his fingers severed was released publicly by his lawyer as evidence.

Depp’s lawyer David Sherborne asserted that Heard was the abuser in the relationship and said the legal battle was not about money but clearing his name as a ‘wife-beater’ in front of the public.

Heard’s spokesperson said Amber was not asked about the proceedings to take place and that the whole libel has “dragged her to the UK courts to give evidence on some of the most distressing moments of her life.”

Read more about the first day hearing of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp here. The hearing is to be continued for three weeks. Amber obtained a temporary restraining order against Depp on the ground of domestic violence on May 23, 2016, and in early 2017 their divorce was finalized after a 15-months marriage. The Justice League star reportedly donated the $7 Million settlement she received from Depp to a Charity in 2018.

(Cover Image courtesy of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Official via Instagram)