Amazon’s internet pharmacy launches in Bangalore with plans to expand

Amazon's internet pharmacy launches in Bangalore with plans to expand - We The World Magazine

The latest e-commerce to join India’s growing online medicine delivery is the tech-giant with its ‘Amazon pharmacy.’

Announcing the launch of the online medicine delivery service on Friday, Amazon said the service will start from the Indian city of Bangalore, capital of the state of Karnataka.

Soon the city-dwellers will be able to order both over-the-counter and prescription drugs from the e-Commerce giant and get them delivered at the comfort of their homes. Some choices of Indian traditional medications will also be there along with other medical accessories.

Online pharmacy business has seen major growth during the pandemic. Amazon said the service might be tested in other Indian cities as well.

“This is particularly relevant in present times as it will help customers meet their essential needs while staying safe at home,” an Amazon spokesperson said to the media.

Amazon’s recent move comes after the company has filed approval for alcohol delivery in India. Recently, the state of West Bengal gave clearance to the brand for the same.

The booming online pharma market

The BBC noted, Amazon’s foray into the pharmaceutical industry started back in 2017 only in the US market. However, now the company is aggressively pursuing the market with Amazon Pharmacy trademarks filed in the US and Canada as well.

In recent times, the online drug-store scene has grown significantly, to a point it has started to threaten the offline retailers of medicines. Offline medicine dealers fear they will lose business to the growing online pharmacy trend of the country.

Names like NetMeds, Midlife, PharmEasy, and 1mg are increasingly capturing the medicine buyers’ preference. For instance, the online pharma market in India is set to attain a combined market size of $2.7 billion by 2023  from just a few hundred million in 2019.

Amazon is one of the major US-based technology firms having recently investing huge sums of money in the Indian economy. Amazon specifically has pledged to pump in billions of dollars in the market with time.

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