Equivalent to all of humanity watched ‘Baby Shark’ making it Youtube’s most-watched ever

Equivalent to all of humanity watched 'Baby Shark' making it Youtube's most-watched ever - We The World
Image courtesy of Baby Shark via Youtube/ Pinkfong

The cute, bubbly, and superbly rhythmic children’s video ‘Baby Shark‘ has dethroned the Spanish hit Despacito to become Youtube’s most-watched video ever, clocking views in numbers close to all of humanity on earth!

‘Baby shark’ recorded by South Korean company Pinkfong became the most-watched video in Youtube’s history after garnering some 7.04bn views, elbowing Despacito — the 2017 single by Puerto Rican pop stars Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

Image courtesy of Baby Shark via Youtube/ Pinkfong

The world population stands at roughly 7.5 billion as per 2019 records from the World Bank.

The global phenomenon, a seemingly simple nursery rhyme laced with cute kids, sharky moves, and an addicting beat, from an unclaimed author, takes Youtube’s most-watched throne four-years after it came out.

It is thought that the song originated in the US summer camps of the 1970s, while other theories suggest the video succeeded the box office hit of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws in 1975.

But not to go by its kiddish antics. If played back-to-back, the number of times the video has been watched would take 30,187 years to end, the BBC calculated.

But the video received widespread recognition in South Asia, even topping the singles chart in the UK. The nagging “doo-doo-doo-du-du-du-du-du-du” chorus, piscine dance, and cute kids went viral across Asia and gradually around the world.

Makers of the video, Pinkfong is said to have made $5.2m (£4m) from YouTube streams alone.

Baby shark took its global flight after American-Korean singer Hope Segoine recorded the song and soon the earworm went on to spawn live tours, merch, endless renditions, books and even a version featuring the Despacito singer Fonsi.

Last year the song became center of a controversy after reports claimed three Oklahoma prison workers allegedly used the song to punish inmates by forcing them to listen to it for hours.

Oklahoma district attorney David Prater said repeated playback of the song posed “undue emotional stress on the inmates who were most likely already suffering”.

The adorable song also made headlines when a protesting group in Beirut famously erupted into singing the song after a mother said her child was distressed from the protest through which they were driving.

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