Absence of anti-bestiality law enables animal sexual abuser roam free in Wyoming

Absence of anti-bestiality law enables animal sexual abuser roam free in Wyoming - We The World Magazine

CAUTION: this post has graphic description of bestiality, read with desertion.

A pervert man caught on CCTV having sex with a horse is freely living despite having CCTV footage of him while committing bestiality with several horses and himself confirmed the crime.

The whole ordeal started off as a rumour on social media of someone being seen performing sexual acts with several horses in Wyoming, KUTV reports.

The first reports of the savagely cruel incident come from late June when the owner of a farm in the north of Rock Springs, Wyo. called the authorities after confirming seeing a man engaging with sexual activities with the horses.

The shackles of the corral where the horses stay were found to have been tampered with several times, which raised suspicion to the owner of the stable. They decided to set up CCTV cameras to catch the still foggy suspect.

What was caught on the camera was as disturbing as it can get: a man having sex with a mare and her foal. The man, however, remains unarrested since Wyoming is one of the eight US states sans anti-bestiality laws.

According to a media release from the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s office, detectives have even identified and interviewed the suspect who confirmed he trespassed a property and engaged in sexual activity with horses, including ‘digitally penetrating’ a foal.

Officials suspect other horses in the same rea might also be subjected to similar sexual abuse.

Even after the rumours have been confirmed to be true, charging the warrant, unnamed for legal reasons remains a distant act, Sheriff’s deputies in Sweetwater County, Wyo. confirmed.

“While shocking, this is actually a very difficult case. Wyoming is one of a handful of states across the country without a bestiality statute on the books,” Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Jason Mower said.

“Also, to satisfy the elements of cruelty to animals charge, it’s our understanding that we would need to prove that the suspect’s actions in this case actually injured the animals.”

No anti-bestiality law

Wyoming, Hawaii, Kentucky, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Vermont, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia are the states, all of which currently lack anti-bestiality laws.

Unfortunately, laws pertaining sodomy and bestiality in the US are not concerns of the federal government and not a single federel law mediates such awful acts. Matters such as these depend on the state government.

In many US states comming bestiality is equal to a felony, in some states even free-speech related to the same is a crime. Maryland, Idaho and Michigan, for instance, has the harshest punishment for bestiality criminals with a maximum of a life sentence in prison and a maximum $1000 penalty.

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